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Nature of Exam of ACCA and CAT


There are two types of Exams in ACCA and CAT


    1. Computer Based Exam (CBE)
    2. Paper Based Exam (PBE)


Computer based exam (CBE) is taken on computer in college computer laboratory. There are usually 50 MCQs in the paper.

Paper based exam (PBE) is a written paper which is taken in the hall managed by ACCA. There are Essay questions in paper. Some questions are scenario based questions. There are  MCQs in some papers as well.


In ACCA F1, F2 and F3 can be taken as CBE as well as PBE. In CAT P1 to P5 can be taken as CBE as well as PBE. Exam Fees for CBE and PBE are different


Note: It is not official website for ACCA. This information is for the help those students who are new to ACCA and want to take admission in ACCA in soon future. We have tried our level best to be more precise and accurate but still if there is any mistake or modification or update information, do write us. Student may visit the official website of ACCA, www.accaglobal.com



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