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(Certified Accounting Technician)


It is qualification of comprehensive introduction to accounting, offered by ACCA. There are nine papers, split in three levels. The first four can be taken as CBE (computer based exam) as well as manual paper. Rest five paper are taken as manual papers.

Subject details.



Exam Duration

Exam Mode

Introductory level (55 % Pass Marks)
Paper 1 - Recording Financial Transactions 2 Hours CBE or PBE
Paper 2 - Information for Management Control 2 Hours CBE or PBE
Intermediate level (50 % Pass Marks)
Paper 3 - Maintaining Financial Records 2 Hours CBE or PBE
Paper 4 - Accounting for Cost 2 Hours CBE or PBE
Advanced level (50 % Pass Marks)
Paper 5 Managing People and Systems 2 Hours PBE
Paper 6 Drafting Financial Statements 2 Hours PBE
Paper 7 Planning, Control & Performance Management 2 Hours PBE
Two optional Papers
Paper 8 Implementing Audit Procedures 2 Hours PBE
Paper 9 Preparing Taxation Computation 2 Hours PBE
Paper 10 Managing Finances 2 Hours PBE

Eligibility for Admission

  • O level
  • Matriculation
  • Intermediate
  • Holders of certain qualifications such as GCE (Advanced Level) may receive exemptions from some of the papers.

 Fee Structure.

Payable to

No. of Papers


CBE (£)


Registration Fee
(one time)
(per paper) *
2   45 37
(per paper) *
2   45 37
(per paper)
5     42
Annual Subscription Fee
(payable on 1st Jan)



  • Registration with ACCA is compulsory before attempting any  paper of CAT
  • Student can sit for any number of examinations in any order in one. But he can’t  sit for manual paper examination for 1 & 6 or 2 & 7 in the same exam. If a student wishes to attempt these papers together, he can take the first four paper as computer based exam (CBE).


Important Dates.
Examination and Registration Date With ACCA Paper Based Exam (PBE)

Exam Attempt

Initial Registration Date

JUNE 31st December of the previous year
DECEMBER 15th August of the same year

Exam Attempt

Last date for exam fee

JUNE Exam 15 April of the same year
DECEMBER Exam 15 October of the same year

Exam Result issued

JUNE Exam Mid August
DECEMBER Exam Mid February


Exemption in papers of ACCA due to CAT.
A student who completes CAT is given exemption of knowledge level papers (3 papers) of ACCA.


Note: It is not official website for ACCA. This information is for the help those students who are new to ACCA and want to take admission in ACCA in soon future. We have tried our level best to be more precise and accurate but still if there is any mistake or modification or update information, do write us. Student may visit the official website of ACCA, www.accaglobal.com


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