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Choosing the Best Educational Program as a Major Career by a Student


The primary education is almost same for majority students but after completing the primary education there are different educational program which can be started as major career by students. After matriculation student may have to choose from many options like studying Arts related degree, medicine, engineering, accountancy, IT related or any other subject. Deciding about which Educational Program may be chosen by student may involve many factor i.e. economical factor, gender factor, duration of study, and availability of different courses e.t.c. Irrespective of these factors, sometimes it become difficult for a student to choose the educational program for him when he can select more than one option for him. He thinks which program which will be best for him where he may perform well than others programs. Sometimes parent may also suggest a specific program to their children.


Decision about choosing major career for oneself may taken with proper thinking because you will have to study it and will have to perform well in this sphere so that it can prove beneficial for you in your professional life. If you have enough resources to study anyone of the available programs then which factor should be consider to take the decision to choose major career?? It is really an important question. Many students make mistake in making this decision properly or they being suggested the wrong career by their parent which makes many problem for student later on. Consequently student may have to quit that program and start another one or keep on studying it with low performance.


Remember, this decision should be made only by student and on the basis of his interest and psychological inclination. If a student is interested little electronics, small machines and it makes him happy to play with machines and trying to open or repair small machines toys etc, such a student should choose engineering as a career for himself. Due to technical mind and his eagerness for machines, he will be more willing to study it and do well in in it.  If a student is interested computer, softwares, hardwares, computer programming, he should choose IT related career for himself. Due to his natural interest and psychological inclination towards IT related things he will be more willing to study it and will do well in this field. Similarly every student should choose his major career according to his natural interest and psychological inclination towards that program.


Usually parents suggest career to their children against their area of interest. It makes difficult for student to study that imposed program because he is willing to study something else. A student may want to study economics but parents may let his child start studying medicine. In such case student usually have no willingness to study for their imposed program because he is not interested in studying medicine. It affects his overall performance in his studies.

Student should discuss this thing with their parents while taking such decision. Student should explain to their parent about his interest and importance of choosing career according to his area interest to convince their parents for it.


Parents should also be aware of the importance of this fact. They should listen to their children views about selecting a career for themselves. Parents should know about interests of their children and encourage their children to select career related to their area of interest so that children can perform well in that field.


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