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How To Learn Standard English in Written and Spoken Forms


English Language bears unique importance in all languages because it is an international medium for sharing useful information. Nowadays almost all the websites, books, newspapers, magazines, research papers, and other similar literature are written in English language that is why a great deal of masses struggles to learn standard English both as written as well as spoken. A question, “how to learn standard spoken and written English” may not be answered adequately in a single page reply, It may need thousands of pages to explain how to learn standard spoken and written English. This essay tries to explain the very basics of English language which will help the new learners of English Language by giving them the knowledge about the basics of English as well as idea about the direction of learning. There is difference in the ways to learn spoken and written English. If you are a new learner, you will need to start basics of English language for both spoken and written English simultaneous but with the passage of time you will have to adopt different ways for learning spoken and written English.

For the very beginners
In the very beginning you need to learn vocabulary of the English language. This is your first step for learning any language. These may be simple easy words which are commonly used in daily routine. Whatever you mother tongue is, you should start learning English words for those words which are frequently used, for example the word “eat” means intake of food through mouth. Learning these words, you should also learn its spelling and how it is uttered (pronounce) in English Language. With a passage of time you will learn a lot of words. This step is for very new learners but if you have learned the very common words then you need to learn more beautiful and difficult words.

For those who have already learnt English up to little extent
Once you learn a good vocabulary or you have already learnt English up to little extent, you need to learn how to make sentence with these words. Like all other languages, English language has also many rules regulation to structure a sentence. Grammar is a science of a language which tells you about the formation of correct structure by usage of proper words (noun, verb, auxiliaries etc). Composition of sentence is different in different languages. You will need to learn the very basics of English Grammar in order to form a sentence which is grammatically correct.

Basics of English Language
There is no universal set of basics of English Language but few elements of English grammar are compulsory to be learnt in order to write or speak simple sentences. Such parts of English grammar tell you about the proper usage of words and punctuations to form simple sentences.


Following are some of the important Concepts one should compulsorily learn in the beginning to gain command on written and spoken English.


  •  Parts of Speech (Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, verb, adverb, Interjection and Conjunction)
  •  Punctuation marks (Period (.) comma (,) Question mark (?) exclamation marks (!) etc)
  •  Clauses and Phrases
  •  Sentence, Formation of Sentence and its types
  •  Subject-Verb Agreement
  •  Dangling Modifiers and their rectification
  •  Redundancy and their rectification
  •  Tenses
  •  Active and Passive Voice
  •  Direct and Indirect Narration


All of the above concepts are of equal importance and should be learnt.


For example “Parts of Speech” helps in categorization and recognition of words as noun, pronoun, adjectives, verb, adverb, interjection and conjunctions.

Similarly punctuation marks (?, . , : or ,) add meaning to sentences and sometime without usage of  punctuation marks the meaning of sentence become totally changed from what it intends to say in real.

How to improve written English
For written English one needs to have huge vocabulary, grammatical accuracy and also creativeness. Selecting different topics for yourself and writing on such topic daily and checking your essays for error for rectification is a good practices for learning writing skills in English. It helps gaining command on writing sentence free of grammatical mistakes. This practice also helps in gaining you creativeness as you have to think for ideas about topic to be written in the essay. Try to choose different topics and write on them daily.

Reading good books or literature written in standard English also helps you improve your written English, because when you read a good essay, your mind learns the formation of sentence which you apply in your writing unconsciously. For this you would need to read English Newspaper, magazine, good stories books etc.

How to improve spoken English
For speaking skills in English language you need to have fluency and learn correct pronunciation as well as grammatical accuracy. When it comes to correct pronunciation, there are two types of accents, American and British accent of English. There are little bit differences in both the accent but it depends on you and the area you live that which accent you should learn.

For learning correct pronunciation you need to listen to correct pronunciation from Talking dictionaries as well as from listen to audios of standard English, for instance you may listen to daily BBC News. English movies may also help for same purpose. For fluency in English language you need to practice speaking English with your friends or even by selecting a topic and speak few lines on it daily.

British and American English Differences
There are little bit differences in British English and American English. These differences exist in spelling of same words, usage of different words for same thing, and accents (pronunciation of same words) in British and American English.


Following are few examples of differences in British and American English.
                                                                        British English                    American English
Difference in Spelling of same words       
                                                                         Colour                                Color
                                                                         Flavour                               Flavor
                                                                         Analyse                              Analyze

Usage of different words for same things        

                                                                         Anti-clockwise                   Counter-clockwise
                                                                         Biscuit                               Cookie
                                                                         Chips                                 French fries
                                                                         Lift                                     Elevator
Accent differences of same words : The following words are pronunced differently in British and American English
i.e. Privacy, version, brother, morning e.t.c


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