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Preparation For Exam Guidelines - Page 2


Past paper – Specimen or sample papers.

            Do study sample papers or past papers. It gives you idea about the format of question paper. You come to know which types of questions are given in paper, i.e.  essay questions, short questions or MCQs. It is very important you know the format of paper because it rectifies the direction of your study for exam.


Take Some Pre-tests.

       Pre-tests are these tests which are taken before the main exam on monthly basis or weekly basis. Pre-tests play vital role in your step by step preparation for exam. It tells you how much are you prepared for main exam. It shows which areas in book need more study. You come to know about your weaknesses . You learn how to attempt question in paper. How to answer in a good way to get high marks. It also eliminates your stress for your main exams because you get acquainted with solving question papers.

                   If your institution gives you monthly or weekly tests, it is good, if not, then you have to manage it on your own. Make tests for yourself or tell someone to make tests for you. You can also get past-papers (previous papers) for this purpose. Solve them and mark them properly and see how much distance have you covered on the road of preparation for Exam. 


Question-wise Preparation.

A question paper comprises of different type of questions to test your knowledge. There are mainly three types of questions

  1. Essay Questions (Long descriptive answer with full explanation – more marks)
  2. Short Questions (3 to 5 line answer – less marks)
  3. Multiple Choice Questions, MCQs (Answer one from the given choices)

Study or learning method is the same but preparation method varies for each type.

          Preparation for essay question includes learning a topic, extracting its summary and learning how to represent it in good way in paragraphs or with headings.

          Preparation for MCQs includes learning a topic and extracting the hidden information in each sentence which can be asked as MCQs.

          For short question you should consider definitions, jargons, scientific terms, particular name of types of something, names of phases involved in a process etc. These are the areas which test maker touch for short questions but it does not necessarily mean that you skip rest of your course.
(For detail see “Question-wise preparation” and “Test taking Strategies”)


Always be in state of examination in normal days.

       The days of examination are wonderful. We have gap of one or two days for each paper during exam. We revise and prepare the whole subject in only one or two days for coming paper. Normally it seems very difficult. It is very easy because in exam we are in a state of worry that we may get less marks in the paper and that’s why we study more in little time. Frankly speaking, that study is very productive as well.

          Own this state of exam in normal days if you want to enhance your study outcome in little time. Study as you have to take test in it tomorrow. Try to do more in little time. Try to speed up your study.


Preparation in days of examination.

            The session for preparation ends. Finally, the days approach, for which you started preparation from the day one of session, “the days of exam”. It is natural student gets a little bit tensed in the days of examination though he is fully prepared. A little bit stress is good because it plays positive role. But never let your stress overcome you which makes hindrance in your preparation either. Have confidence in yourself and revise your subject for coming paper. By now, you have learnt a lot, you have full command on all subjects because you have undergone step by step preparation for exam throughout the whole session.

(see “Relieving Exam Stress”)

          Arrange all the allowed things you need in paper i.e. clip board, pen, ink calculator (if allowed in some papers), rough work sheet (if allowed).

          When you have paper tomorrow never remain vigilant the whole night. Have proper sleep (at least 4 hours). You need fresh mind to attempt your paper.