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Punjab University BA Syllabus


Paper English Literature 200 Marks- Syllabus, Page -2


Paper – A:                                           100 Marks   
Paper – B:                                           100 Marks
                                               Total:    200 Marks

Syllabi and Courses of Reading

Paper – A:
1.A selection of stories                               Dreek Hodson         (40 Marks)
(a)  The Kite                                             Somerset Maugham
(b) The Little Willow                                  Francis Towers
(c) The Voice                                              V.S Prichett
(d) The Woman Who Had Imagination            H.E Bates
(e) Maria                                                      Elizabeth Bowen
(f) The Basement Room                                  Graham Greene
(g) Local Boy Makes Good                               Jhon Moore
(h) On Guard                                                   Evelyn Waugh
(i) A dream of Winter                                       Rosamund Lehman
(j) The Duchess and the jeweler                     Virginia Woolfe


2.Selected Short Plays                             Professor Gulam Sarwar Qureshi
                                                               and Dr. Nousher Khan    (40 Marks)
(a) Riders to the Sea                                      JM Synge
(b) Time’s Visitors                                           F.siadin Smith
(c) A Parting                                                   Gordon Bottomley
(d) The End of the Beginning                         Sean O Casey
(e) And Old Friend                                          Edmund See

3. Animal Farm                                 George Orwell                  (20)

Paper –B:

  1. Mecheth                             William Shakespeare      (20)
  2. Glass Meanagerie               Jennesse William             (20)
  3. Poetry : (Jhon Milton, William Wordsworth, John Keats, Robert Browning, Rober Frost)

Milton : On His Blindness : How Soon Hath Time:
           Paradise Lost, Book I, Lines: 1-26
           Paradise Lost, Book I, Lines: 105-124
           Paradise Lost, Book I, Lines: 896-916
Wordsworth: To Butterfly
           The Sun has long been set
           Lines composed a few milestone above Tintern Abbey
           The Reverie of Poor Susan
           Resolution and Independence
            Sonnet: Composed Upon Westminster Abbey Sep 3, 1802
            Sonnet : London 1802
           Ode : intimations of Immorality from
           Recollection of Early Childhood
John Keats: On the Grasshopper and Cricket
          Ode: bards of passion and of Mirtin
          Ode: To Autum
          Sonnet: To Sleep
          Sonnet: The Human Seasons
          Sonnet: To Fancy
          Meg Merrilies
          Song: In a dear-nighted December
Browning: Meeting at Night : Parting at Morning
         Incident of French Camp
          My Last Duchess
          Prospice: Childe Ronald to the Dark Tower Came
Robert Frost : Neither Out Far nor in Deep
          Nothing Gold can Stay : Bereft
          The Oven Bird : free at my Window
          The Trial by Existence
          The Span of Life
           Acquainted with Night
           Fire and Ice
           The Road Not Taken

2. A compulsory question on explanation of passages with reference to the context from prescribed books will be set in Paper B