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Punjab University BA Syllabus


Punjab University PAPER SOCIOLOGY (OPTIONAL)- Syllabus


Paper :    100 Marks

Syllabi and Courses of Reading


Field of Sociology
Sociology as a science
Sociology and other social Sciences


II. Basic Concepts

  1. Interaction
  2. Norms and sanctions
  3. Status and roles
  4. Values and beliefs
  5. Institutions
  6. Social Structure
  7. Groups
  8. Social organization
  9. Society

III. Culture

  1. Elements of Culture
  2. Cultural Processes

IV. Socialization and Personality Development

  1. Biological Foundation of personality
  2. Cultural back ground of personality

Processes and Social Change:

  1. Co-operation, competition and conflict
  2. Social change: determinants, deterrents, and consequences of change