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dot How to study - Productive and Effective Study
dot Making Useful Study Notes
l How to develop interest in study
l Perseverance for study
l Start from now
l Importance of study group discussion
l How to concentrate
l How to sharpen Brain
l Where to study?
l When to study?
l Preparation for Exam
l Making Useful Study Notes For Exam

Preparation for answering different type of questions

l Test taking strategies
l Making a Plan – Study schedule
l How to take Computer Based Exam
l How to Relieve Exam stress
l Why do students fail or get less marks in exam?
l Time Management
l Making a Plan – Study schedule
l Making a Time Table - Study Time Table
l Perseverance for study
l Start from now
l How to improve memory
l Role of parents in their childern's Education
l How to take Computer Based Exam
d IELTS - Information and Preparation Guidelines
d CSS Exam
d NTS Test (NAT-I, II and GAT),
d Entry Test of Aga Khan Medical College - Information and Preparation Help
d Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)
d Punjab University BA Syllabus
d Punjab University BA Past Papers
d MCAT Sample Test
d High Frequency Words List
d High Frquency Words with meaning and usage -
d Information About ACCA (Association Certified Chartered Accountants) UK
d Information About CAT (Certified Accounting Technician) UK
d Exam Format for ACCA and CAT
d Information About CA (Chartered Accountancy) Pakistan

How can I learn spoken and written standard English?


Please give me guidance about the procedure of CSS exam about applying for it and how should I select Subjects for CSS Exam ?


I want to take BA exam from Punjab University as a Private Student. Give me Guidance about the procedure for applying for exam and selection of subjects for exam.


What are the requirements of Admission in ACCA? How can I take admission in ACCA?


How can I prepare myseld for English Paper of Bachelor  (BA/BSc) for Punjab University? How can I pass the paper of English of BA Punjab University?


I want to take admission in Aga Khan Medical College. Give me information about the procedure of applying for entry test of Aga Khan Medical College and nature of test.



How can I prepare for the compulsory papers of CSS? Give me help for preparation for optional Papers of CSS?


How can I learn to write standard essay for competitive exam like CSS/PMS?

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point Articles "a/an and the"
 - Use of Articles "a/an and the"
point Sentence
point Sentence, Subject, Predicate, Object
point Kinds of Sentences        (According to function)
point The Phrase and The Clause -  Comparison
point Clause
point Types of Clauses
 - Main Clause and Subordinate Clause
point Types of Subordinate Clause
 - Noun Clause, Adjective Clause, Adverb Clause
point Phrase
point Types of Phrase
 - Noun Phrase, Adjective Phrase, Adverb Phrase, Verb Phrase, Gerund Phrase
 - Infinitive Phrase, Participle Phrase.
point Kinds of Sentences         (According to structure)
 - Tenses
 - Present Simple Tense
 - Present Continuous Tense
 - Present Perfect Tense
 - Present Perfect Continuous Tense
 - Past Simple Tense
 - Past Continuous Tense
 - Past Perfect Tense
 - Past Perfect Continuous
 - Future Simple Tense
 - Future Continuous Tense
 - Future Perfect Tense
 - Future Perfect Continuous
 - Active and Passive Voice
 - Passive Voice for TENSES
 - Passive Voice for MODALS
 - Passive Voice for Imperative Sentences
 - Sentence which can't be changed into Passive
 - Direct and Indirect Speech
 - Indirect Speech for TENSE
 - Indirect Speech for Interrogative Sentences
 - Indirect Speech for MODALS
 - Indirect Speech for Exclamatory and Imperative Sentences
 - Change in Pronoun and Time in Indirect Speech
High Frequency Words
High Freqyency Words with meanings and usage


d How To Become A Good Speaker
d Common Problems Of Students - Guidance
d Choosing Best Educational program as major career by Student


d Essential of Biochemistry


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