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Common Problems of Students


Majority of students experience many problems in their academic period. A student should know how to cope with these problems so that these problems may not affect his studies.


Here are some common problems faced by students in their academic period.


Concentration is essential for study. Many students may find it hard to concentrate on their study properly. They just read the lines of their lessons but they are not able to grasp the ideas in the words because they can’t properly concentrate on it while study. It is a common problem.

To improve the power of concentration student should have enough sleep daily, take regular exercise, study in a place with less distraction, avoid multi-tasking, take short breaks in long study, and get your all work done before you sit to study.


Exam Stress
It’s very common that student becomes too much stress at the days of exam. He thinks about how to make full preparation in time. He fears he may not complete his preparation for the coming paper. He fears that he may fail and this worry doesn’t let him study.  

In such satiation student should make himself psychologically a powerful and brave person to relieve exam stress. He should think that currently available time if utilized proper can also let him pass the exam. He should that exam stress would waste even his currently available time, so he should be relaxed and start study as much as he can.


Selection of Major Career for oneself – Imposed Programs
Every student after passing the basic classes (i.e. matriculation) has to choose particular program of education as a major career for himself. Student has many options to choose from, i.e. studying medicine or engineering or accountancy e.t.c. Majority students find it hard to select an educational program as a major career for themselves. Student may get confused that in which field he can do well than rest fields. Student should think upon his interests, likeness and capabilities to choose a career for himself. Sometimes parents may choose a career against the decision of their children that is why the student may have no interest in studying that program and which affect the performance of student in that field.

Students should discuss about their natural inclination towards particular sphere of educational program (medicine, engineering, accountancy etc) and convince their parents to let them study it by explaining that you will do best in it. Similarly parents should consider the interest of their children for selecting a major career for their children.


Lack of Motivation and encouragement
Lack of motivation and encouragement of student is a problem and it affects their studies adversely.
Student needs to be motivated so that he can keep on studying. Student should be told about the importance of study for his future life and national development. Parents and teacher both should motivate and encourage students so that they become more willing to study.


Financial Problems
Current day education is very expensive. Many parents can’t afford the education of their children. Many students have to quit their education due to financial problems.

Government should take steps to resolve this because education is vital for national development. Government should make the higher education affordable for middle class student by opening more government colleges and universities. Government should provide education and books free of cost to deserving students. Student should also do part time jobs and start giving tuition to junior students in order to afford their education because education is the only means which will drag them out of financial problems.


Lack of Practical Education
In our country Pakistan most of the educational courses consist of theoretical knowledge only. There is having no or very less practical learning in most of the courses. Student after completion of their studies require practical skills in professional life.  Practical education should be made major part of all educational courses.

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