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Test Taking Strategies - Page 2

How to answer Questions
How to answer Essay Questions – long questions.

A question paper consist of several types of question, i.e essay questions, short questions, or MCQs. To attempt an essay question a student has to write a long explanation or description about what is being asked in the question. Essay questions carry more marks in comparison to other questions.

  1. First read the question carefully that what is being asked in the question. You have to answer in detai but the point. Avoid unnecessary explanations.
  2. Answer in paragraphs.
  3. In first paragraph write a little introduction idea to the theme of what is being asked in thequestion. It may be a definition or in your own words.
  4. In 2nd paragraph elaborate with required facts and write about the phases or types or process involved in the idea being asked in question. It depends on the nature of question. If there are not such points about the ideas asked or it is a plan explanation,  you have answer accordingly.
  5. In a next paragraphs start to explain the idea (conveging and providing necessary details to what is being asked) with the help of other relevant ideas which supports the main idea.
  6. If any paragraph needs a diagram or table, draw it in front of it with pointing to it.
  7. Depending on the nature of your question, write heading and sub-headings for your paragraph with a marker or other pen which makes it prominent to the checker.
  8. Your all paragraphs should be in right sequence, in correct order.
  9. When you start new paragraph, start it from the middle of line, it shows distinction between to paragraphs. Expand your answer according to the marks carried by question.

Example: Let me give a rough idea by briefly explaining an example.
Suppose there is a question “Explain Digestive system of human being”  It is a biology question, it is about system of digestion in human beings. We eat food, it passes through mouth , Oesaphagus to stomach. Different secretions and enzymes work on food to digest the food.
Answering this question.

  1. In first paragraph we write a little introduction of digestive system or what is digestive system. We may write its definition or we may write in our own words as introduction or meaning etc
  2. In 2nd paragraph we write names of parts of human body or processes which are involved in digestive system
  3. In next paragraphs we start to explain each part or process involved in digestion in each paragraph.
  4. We draw the diagram of parts of human body in front of every paragraph

How to answer MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions).

Each MCQ has 3 to 5 choices. Out of which, one is correct and that is the answer. The wrong choices are called distracters, they distract you from the correct answer because they also have a little bit closeness to the correct answer. You have to choose the most correct or precise answer or which is closest to correct.


Tips for MCQs Test

  1. Time is usually short in MCQs Tests. You have 2 minutes or one and a half minute for each MCQ. First of all divide the time on all MCQs to get idea about time for each MCQs.
  2. Read the MCQ and before reading the choices, think in your  mind for correct answer and then read the choices. It will help you to choose the correct choice or the answer.
  3. There will be some choices about which you will be sure that they are wrong, skip these wrong choices first and focus on the rest choices for correct answer. It increase the your chances to select the correct choice.
  4. Solve these MCQs first, which you can easily answer and leave which think is difficult for last. Never waste time on a single MCQ if you can answer it easily, If you stick to one MCQ trying to find its answer and it takes your time, leave it because it hinders and when you finish all MCQs then come back to the un-attempted MCQs.
  5. For answering MCQs you are given a “computer sensitive sheet” which is marked by computer to give you numbers. It has blocks or circles on it, you have to darken the block or the circle for correct answer. Learn the correct way how to darken blocks or circles on computer sensitive sheet because computer reads it for giving you marks so becareful about filling the blocks. (see sample of computer sensitive sheet and correct way to darken the block for answer below)