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About Us


Dear Visitor,


Thanks for being on this Website.


This website is a online helping source for all students. The aim of this website is to help student in their study matters, to teach them skills and techniques of doing study for exam, and to keep them updated and informed about important news and events, i.e. admissions, exams, results. It is an online portal which provides students information which is important for them.


Apart from a good source of information, this website serves as a best guide for students. This website provides guidelines for preparation for various exams. It also provides students specimens of exam which gives an idea about the format of exam and nature of questions asked in papers.


This website teaches the basics of English Language i.e. Grammar, English Tenses, Parts of Speech, Active and passive voice, and, Direct and Indirect Narration. It explains each concept of English Grammar in full details and also gives examples of its usage in spoken and written English.


This website gives you information about various disciplines of education. It sometimes becomes difficult for a student to decide about which discipline to be chose. So this website by sharing all the necessary information about various disciplines of education make it easy for student choose a discipline for them which is best for them.


If you require any information about exams, admissions, result or some other topic you can write us by using our “Contact us Form”. We read your mail and reply you after getting the proper information.


We have added some topics like information about ACCA, CSS Exam or Entry test of AKU Karachi due to the e-mails received from many students asking about these topics.


We have tried our level best to be more precise and accurate in all information but still if there is any mistake, modification or update information, please do write us.


Contact Information


                                                                                    Abdul Majid

                                                                                    Address: Gulberg, Lahore, Pakistan


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