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National Testing System

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                                              Sample Test, Page - 1


Nation Aptitude Test (NAT)

Time : 2 Hours                                                                                                           Questions:100


Instructions: Please read the following instruction carefully before attempting the paper.

  1. There are 100 MCQs in the test, each carrying equal marks. Each correct response gets 1 mark. Attempt all the questions.
  2. For every question four or five options (A, B, C, D & E) are given, you have to select only one correct option.
  3. Use ball point (black/blue) to shade the circle for correct option.
  4. Erasing, cutting or overwriting is not allowed. Once an answer has been given on answer sheet, the candidate will not be allowed to change it. Shading two or more circles for a question will get Zero marks for that question.

Part -1
Verbal Section (MCQs: 20)

          Each sentence below has one or two blanks, each blank shows that something has been omitted. Choose correct word or pair of words from the options given below.


1.  Your ____________ remarks spoil the effect of your speech; try not to stray from your subject.
(A).           Derogatory                (B).     Digressive
(C).           Persistent                   (D).     Enigmatic


2. The dispute became  so____________ that we were afraid that the adversaries would come to blow.
(A).           Ironic              (B).     Generalized
(C).           Articulate      (D).     Acrimonious


3. Cancer cells are normal cells run riot, growing and multiplying out of ______________
(A).           Spite               (B).     Danger
(C).           Control           (D).     Range


4.  A _________ glance pays ___________ attention to details.
(A).           furtive…meticulous                        (B).     cursory….little
(C).           cryptic….close         (D).     keen….scanty


5. Even if you do not ____________ what I have to say, I will appreciate you listening to me with an open mind.
(A).           Concur with              (B).     Anticipate
(C).           Reject                         (D).     Clarify





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