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Preposition, Page - 3


Prepositional Verb


A prepositional phrase is a combination of a verb and a preposition. It is just a verb followed by a preposition.


Prepositional Phrase  =  Verb + Preposition


Some verbs need particular prepositions to be used after them in sentences having a direct object. Such a verb with its required preposition is called a prepositional phrase.


For example

He knocks at the door.


In above sentence “knock at” is prepositional phrase which contains a verb “knock” and a preposition “at”. Without the use of correct preposition after a prepositional verb in a sentence, the sentence is considered to be grammatically wrong. For example if we say, “he knocks the door”, it is wrong because it lacks the required preposition “at”. So the correct sentence is “he knocks at the door”.


Prepositional Verbs are transitive and they have a direct object in sentence. Some of the frequently used preposition verb are, laugh at, knock at, listen to, look at, look for, look after, wait for, agree to, agree with, talk about, talked to


             She is listening to music.
             She looked at the blackboard.
             We believe in God.
             They were waiting for the teacher.
             Do you agree with me?
             Do you agree to my proposal?
             Someone is knocking at the door.
             You should not rely on her.


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