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Making a Time-table


Time is a precious recourse for a student. For utilizing your time more effectively, you should follow a time table. Make a time table, in which you have time for every subject of your course as well as time for refreshment and other daily activities. Some subjects needs comparatively more concentration, assign them the time in which you are more active and alert (like in morning you are more fresh). When you make your time table, paste it on wall in front of your study chair so that you can see it and follow it. The more important than making time table is, to follow it. Try to follow your time table. In beginning you may find it a little hard to follow your time table but if you follow it for a week then you will like to follow it forever.


  1. Calculate the time you have other than your school or college time and your sleep time.
  2. Suppose you come to home or hostel from your college at 2 PM.
  3.  You sleep Sleeping time is from 1 AM to 7 AM.
  4. It means that from 2 PM (when you come from college) to 1 AM (when you sleep) is the time available to you..
  5. From 2 PM to 1 AM, there are 11 hours. In these 11 hours you have to study as well as other routine activities like having meal etc.
  6. Assign time to every subject and other activities (necessary activities like game and exercise) in these 11 hours accordingly.
  7. You may allocate the last hours to the subject which are easy and need less concentration because you may be exhausted and feel sleepy in last hours.
  8. Make a table having two columns and rows and write time in one column and subject name in other column. That is your time table, start following it.

Study times vary for different students. Some students like to study in night till morning. Some students like to study in morning. It depends on student, in which time he can study well. So make time table according to your study time (see “when to study”)