How To Sharpen Your Brain

Brain sharpness means the readiness of the brain to perform promptly to understand and analyze things. Since the brain works behind all our actions, the quality of brain sharpness is required for good performance of all actions whether they physical or mental actions. However, some actions are majorly dependent on the brain where the sharpness of the brain matters the most. For instance, we have to find a solution for a complex problem in our routine life. Similarly, for effective learning while studying a book as well as for retaining the learnt ideas in the brain, good cognitive power is required. In the context of the studying books, we sometimes call it pick-up power.

Sharp minded people always perform well in their life. In our life, we deal with situations, where we have to observe and think about different aspects of the situation keenly and promptly. This is where our brain is processing certain information and weighing different aspects of the situation to help us arrive at an intended conclusion such as to solve a problem, to make a decision, to respond to someone, or to react to the situation in some specific way. Our performance depends on how readily our brain processes the information to help us reach the desired conclusion. This whole process generally involves 1) observing through sensory organs such as eyes and ears, 2) interpreting the observed information by the brain, 3) processing the observed information as well as some relevant information gained through past observations by the brain. The process depends on how quickly the brain acts in these areas.       

Sharp mindedness is a sign of powerful thinking. It helps you cope with stressful situations. It helps you find answers to queries. It helps you understand things and react to them promptly. It enables you explore more dimensions of a thing or scenario than an average mind. It gives you the power of creativity. Brain sharpness helps in every walk of life. However, some people may face problems related to brain sharpness. Sometimes using simple techniques, you can improve the sharpness of your brain.

There are certain ways to become sharp-minded person, as follows:  

  Exercise your brain by using it to solve problems

Many people join a gym and lift heavy weights on a regular basis so that the muscles (biceps and triceps) of their arms can become strong for heavy weight-lifting. The same is the case with the brain. The more you use it, the more you enhance its power. Like any other organ, brain-power can also be enhanced by exercising it regularly.  

There are some mind-using activities which serve as an exercise for your brain. They engage your brain and if you constantly do them, it will sharpen your brain. They may look like normal activities but they use your brain and helps you unconsciously. Make a habit to engage in one or two such activities so you can develop good cognitive power. Some such activities are as follows:  

  1. Playing games such as chess, puzzle games, scrabble, etc.
  2. Solving analytical and mind-provoking questions and problems.
  3. Learning a new thing such as a language. It helps in awakening the sleeping faculties of the brain.
  4. Making paintings, sceneries and hand-made things.
  5. For students – Trying to learn difficult topics, writing explanations, exploring aspects of a topic as many as possible.

  Think critically and logically – Have a scientific thinking style

Some people do not have a correct thinking approach. They look at and think about only the apparent and superficial aspects of things and never try to go deeper into it. They observe things externally and ignore the internal unseeable aspect of things. This is not a good habit, but the good thing is that it can be changed with practice. If you want to sharpen your brain, you have to think critically, rationally and logically. This is called a scientific thinking style. You have to pay attention to the seeable as well as unseeable aspects of a phenomenon.

For instance, if you need to solve an issue, think about its various dimensions such as causes of the problem, impacts of the problem, and various possible solution to the problem. You should also think about the pros and cons of each of these solutions to the problem because most people may ignore these unseeable aspects of the solution and they may end up making a new problem with their chosen solution to the problem. This is just an example and the style of thinking approach may vary from situation to situation.

Similarly, when you need to study a topic, you should not simply accept what you read. It is better to think about its every dimension. When you do so, your brain will generate a number of questions regarding content of the topic you are studying. You will also try to find answers to those questions. In this way, you will learn the topic in its entirety. The aim is to try to go deeper into things as much as possible. If you make a habit, you will develop good brain power with the passage of time.

  Practice some mindfulness meditation techniques

There are some mindfulness meditation techniques which are practised by many people. These techniques help a lot in improving memory, focus, concentration and overall brain power. One of these techniques is breath-awareness meditation. This is a commonly practised meditation technique for having good brain power. For breath-awareness meditation, a person sits at a calm place; relaxes his body; inhales breath deeply and exhale it slowly; and fully concentrate on his breath while inhaling and exhaling it and ignores other things in the surrounding. This practice is believed to enhance focus, concentration and overall brain power. You can practice such a mindful meditation for 15 to 20 minutes daily.  

  Eat a healthy diet having nutrients good for the brain.

Certain proteins, vitamins and minerals are essential for brain health. Include these foods in your daily diet which consist of these nutrients. Similarly, Omega-3 is believed to have a good impact on brain health. Fish is a rich source of Omega-3 and can be included in the diet. Fruits have antioxidants such a vitamin E and beta carotene which protect brain cells from damage. Reduce consumption of foods which have high amounts of sugar.

  Physical exercise is essential for brain health

Physical exercises enhance blood flow to all parts of the body including the brain. Similarly, during physical exercise the brain releases certain hormones which makes you feel happy as well as enhance your brain function. Physical exercise is also believed to strengthen brain cells and their connections within the brain. Make it a habit to do some sort of physical exercise daily. It can be a running exercise or a short walk on daily basis.

  Have a good amount of sleep daily

Like other parts of the human body, the brain also needs some rest to be able to perform well. Sleep is very much important for brain health. When we sleep our brain relaxes and restores its full capacity to be used the next day. Similarly, during sleep, the brain processes and stores the information that we have learned during the day. Therefore, have a good sleeping habit. Take 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day. Sleep quality also matters for brain health. Interrupted sleep is generally not good. Try to sleep in a calm place so that your sleep may not be interrupted again and again.

  Avoid excessive use of tea and coffee

We all enjoy tea and coffee because it acts as a stimulant for our brain. However, its excessive consumption is generally not good for brain health in the long run. It does act as an instant stimulant but leaves you sluggish after some time. Similarly, according to some studies, overconsumption of beverages due to their high content of sugar may not be good for brain health in the long run. Tea and coffee have normally a good amount of sugar in them. Therefore, their normal use is good but excessive use may be avoided.