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Test Taking Strategies


Learning test taking strategies is as important as study is. It shows tactics how to you how to maximize your score in exam. It tells how to present your answer on answer-sheet in a way, by which you can impress the checker to give you high marks.

  1. Day of Paper(test)
  2. Tips for attempting paper
  3. How to present your question in befitting way to get high mark – Presentation of answers.

Day of Paper.

  1. Get up early in the morning.
  2. Take exercise for 20 to 30 minutes and have shower
  3. Take light breakfast having a cup of tea, piece of bread, a fried egg etc. Don’t eat too much. Drink one glass water before the breakfast.
  4. Make sure you have all the things which you need in paper like clif board, ruler, pens, markers, calculator etc
  5. Try to reach examination hall, an hour before the time paper starts.

Tips for attempting paper

When you reach examination hall, sit on your chair (chair with your roll number). Exam stress is common but it should not overcome you. Be confident and bold. Have no fear on your face. Think that you are fully prepared (no matter how much you are prepared) and you are going to do very well in your paper. Answer-sheets are given to students before the question papers so that student can write his name and roll number on it. If both answer and question are given together, do not open question paper before your Invigilator (man on duty in exam hall) says.

  1. Write your name, roll number and subject name on your answer sheet and any other information asked in the table on the top of answer-sheet. (For computer sensitive answer, you have to fill the blocks for writing name and roll number etc. Method is shown in last of this topic)
  2. Open your question paper when you are told to do. Read all the instructions before starting paper, they give you 10 to 15 minutes for reading instructions.
  3. Read all the question paper and have idea of question given. See if there is choice among question and select those questions, which you have more command on. It may take your 10 minutes
  4. Divide the time given on questions you have to attempt and also spare at least 15 minutes for checking your answers after you finish. Suppose it is essay type question paper and you have two hours for four essay questions. Divide time on four and you get 30 minutes for each question. Similarly for in MCQs paper you may have 1 or 2 minutes for each MCQs. Have speed in attempting paper if time is little.
  5. Start your paper. Attempt that question first, on which you have more command. Follow this sequence. Write correct question number for each answer, so that the checker may not confuse.
  6. When you finish your paper, start checking your answers from beginning and see If there is any mistake, like, mis-spelt words, missing words, wrong calculations, missing headings or sub-heading, missing question, wrong question number etc. Correct them. Be satisfied and submit your paper.

Presentation of answer – How to impress checker from your answer to get high marks

It is not only to learn topics but also to learn the way u should present your answer on answer-sheet which assures your high grades in exam. If you learn but you don’t know how to present your learning in befitting way, there are more chance you may get less marks. Try to learn how to present your answer in a good way which convince checker to give you more marks.
Remember, your answer should

  1. have all necessary data and should be to the point (no matter how short you answer may be)
  2. have no unnecessary details
  3. Expansion of answer should be according to it marks.
  4. Easily understandable
  5. Use headings and sub-headings
  6. Draw diagrams and tables where needed
  7. Good hand writing
  8. Clean and clear. Having no cutting. Use eraser if you write something wrong.
  9. Draw a distinction line when you finish one answer and start another.
  10. If you are answering on computer sensitive answer sheet, darken the block in proper way, not just ticking inside block or encircling the blocks
  11. Do the rough work either on one side of answer sheet separate by line having rough work or on extra sheet, checker may also see your approach there.

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