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Perseverance in study


Perseverance is the most important element for success in any sphere of life. Perseverance means to carry on efforts till success is achieved without stopping due to opponent forces.

In terms of study, perseverance means to keep continue study without stopping it due to facing difficulty or complication in study or failure in exam. Some student study their books one day and close books for few days and then again start study after a two or three days. It is bad habit. Study a day and give up for few days and then start is not good. If you want to be a successful student, you should study daily, you should have perseverance. Study as much as you can but study daily. Perseverance is very much important in the life of a student. In the last of this page, I will tell how to develop the habit of perseverance for study.

Study with gaps of days wastes time as well as makes complication in learning. If you don’t study daily you waste time as well as you will face difficulty in learning the next lesson or chapter.


Why do student give up study for several days?

  1. A student may study in one day more than in his stamina, due to which he gets tired or he may think that he learnt a lot and close books for some days and intend to start study after some days. (it is common in student, it happens to students)
  2. A student may face some difficulty or complication in study, a topic may be difficult in learning due to which he gets bore or dis-hearten and decide to study it another day.
  3. Due to some other activities a student may not find time for study daily and keep books closed for days.

Why perseverance in study is important?

It helps student in two ways

  1. It saves your time. If you study daily (with perseverance), you complete your daily study in time daily and your work doesn’t become burden for you.
  2. You have food for thought in your mind from the previous topic. If you study a topic today and study the next topic tomorrow, you have fresh idea (learning) from previous topic which helps in learning the next topic easily. All the chapters/lessons/topics of book are in a sequence that learning previous one helps in learning the next one. If you study a chapter or lesson or topic today and study the next one after three or four days, you may have forgotten the previous one so it will be difficult for you to learn the new topic easily, you may have revise the previous topic for it otherwise you may not learn the new topic well.     

How to develop the habit of perseverance for study?

The sense of perseverance depends upon how much you are particular about your studies. There some tips, applying which you can develop the habit of perseverance for study.

  1. Never study more than your stamina in one day (especially on first day if you are newly starting). Increase your study day by day. Slowly and gradually increase your study. If a student studies too much (more than your stamina) one day, he gets tired and or feel that he has learnt a lot so he thinks he should take rest for some days. Try to study as much as possible but not more than you stamina which may disturb your perseverance. Slowly and gradually you will develop the habit of studying more and more.
  2. If you find some complication in study or you think it is difficult to learn it, don’t dis-hearten, read your lesson again and again and try to learn. If still there is problem, contact your teacher at school or college. But never decide at first glance that it is difficult which compels you to close book.
  3. Take short breaks in long study.  Doing so you will not lose interest in your study. So have refreshment in long study so that you can happily continue it for long time.
  4. Take your study serious. Say to yourself that you have to prepare your subjects for exam and it is only possible if you study with perseverance.
  5. Avoid the useless activities which waste much of your time.
  6. Go for physical game daily which keeps you healthy and enables you to have more stamina for study. Don’t eat too much at night but have proper diet.