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Start your studies right now.


Laziness is a curse. Some students shirk work due to their laziness. Such a student says to himself, “I should start my study from tomorrow because it is too late today or I am a bit tired today”. But tomorrow, he says again that he will start from the next day. Days are passed in such way but his tomorrow does not come when he will study. Such a student says to himself daily, “I will start my study tomorrow” and saying this daily he passes the whole session till the exam approaches and find no time for study for exam.


He says to himself daily,

  1. I will start study from tomorrow because I am not in good mood today.
  2. I will start study from tomorrow because it is very cold or hot today.
  3. I will start study from tomorrow because I want to watch a movie or I want to go for game today.

 It is a common habit of many students, they do not start study because they think that there is a long time remaining for exam and they go one wasting their time.


He realizes in exam that he has wasted a lot time but then it is no use. In exam after realizing that he has wasted time, he decides that in the next session he will start from the first day and will not waste time again. But in the next session he repeats the same mistake.


Effects of such behavior:

  1. It is a self-satisfactory excuse to say “I will start from tomorrow because I am not in mood to day”. In this way you waste your time but you don’t feel that you waste your time.
  2. By saying this to yourself, you never start your study wasting your time throughout your whole session.
  3. If you waste time daily, your course or subjects will become burden to you day by day, which you will not be able to complete in remaining little time.
  4. In exam you will be subjected to exam stress.

Start right now:

Some well known English sayings are

  • • Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today
  • • Tomorrow never comes
  • • Time and tide wait for none


Don’t deceive yourself. Never say that you will start study from tomorrow. Start it from right now, right now it is the right time for study. If you do not start it now, you will start it never, because “tomorrow never comes”.

Start it from now. Don’t wait for ideal situation. Don’t say that you are not in good mood or it is cold or hot today and you cannot study today. These are all excuses to shirk work. You are student you have to prefer your study over every other activity. You have to make the environment for study if it does not let you study; don’t wait for ideal environment. If you have some serious illness or a very important work, then you can leave study but simple headache or watching a movie or playing a game should not be an excuse for leaving your study.

Time is a precious resource for student which is in constant motion, if you want to utilize it, utilize it from now, don’t wait for tomorrow because the time till tomorrow you waste, can’t be utilized tomorrow or in future. Time is passing like running water and never comes back. You are given time for preparation for exam if you waste it, you will not be given time again. So start utilizing your time from now because the time waits for none, it goes on.

Make up your mind that you have to start your study from today, right now and it is the right time for study. Preparation for exam is a long process. It is not a task of day or two so don’t wait for exam. Start your preparation (study) right from now and keep on studying daily till the last day. By studying daily you will complete your daily work otherwise it becomes a burden on your day by day and you will find little or no time for it in future. 

          The aim of writing about “start from now” is to let students recognize a common attitude of many students which makes them waste time in a way that they don’t feel that they are wasting time. So that they become careful and start their study instead of making excuses.