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CA Chartered Accountancy, Pakistan


CA, Chartered Accountancy is accountancy qualification offered and conducted by ICAP (Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan). Chartered Accountants work for small and big firms that offer fee earning advisory and management services to clients and businesses in the industrial, commercial and non profit sectors. Chartered Accountants audit the accounts of such clients and businesses. They can also be involved in specialist areas of financial advice such as tax etc. They are also employed in banks, commercial organizations, and the private and public sectors.


Chartered Accountancy is a rewarding career and has excellent prospects for employment in audit firms and in local companies, multi-nationals, and local and foreign banks. The profession has stood the test of time, and career opportunities for Chartered Accountants are unfolding as corporations increasingly realize the importance of professional values, ethics and good governance.


Entry Route to CA

Full-Time Scheme:

  1. Minimum Requirement: HSC in 45 % (OR) A-Level with minimum two passes
  2. Pre-Entry Proficiency Test
  3. Such Students have to Pass Modules A to D of CA. Then complete training for 3 years. Then pass Module E & F of CA to become CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT


Trainee Scheme:

  1. Minimum Requirement: Graduation in 2nd Division (OR) Master in 2nd Division, (OR) ACCA, (OR) CIMA (OR) ICMAP
  2. Pre-Entry Proficiency Test
  3. Such Students have to pass Modules A to F of CA. and then complete training for 3 years, to become CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT.

Subject in CA Program



Module A

Paper A1 Functional English
Paper A 2 Quantitative Methods

Module B

Paper B 3 Introduction to Economics and Finance
Paper B 4 Introduction to Financial Accounting
Paper B 5 Mercantile Law


Module C

Paper C 6 Financial Accounting
Paper C 7 Taxation
Paper C 8 Business Communication and Behavioural Studies

Module D

Paper D 9 Company Law
Paper D 10 Cost Accounting
Paper D 11 Auditing
Paper D 12 Information Technology


Module E

Paper E 13 Information Technology Management, Audit and Control
Paper E 14 Advanced Accounting & Financial Reporting
Paper E 15 Corporate Laws
Paper E 16 Business Management

Module F

Paper F 17 Management Accounting
Paper F 18 Business Finance Decision
Paper F 19 Advanced Taxation
Paper F 20 Advanced Auditing



S. No Fee Description                                                           (Rupees)
1. Registration Fee Full Time Students (FTS)                             7,500
2 Registration Fee Trainee Students                                         10,000
3. Training Contract Amendment Fee                                        1,000
4. Trainee Student Certificate Fee                                             500
5. Duplicate Copies of Completion Certificate                               200
6. Transfer Fee for Trainee Student                                           8,000
7. Registration as a new Training Organization                             20,000
8. Opening of each new Training Office                                     11,000
9. RAET Application Fee                                                           5,200
10. Induction of New RAET                                                     100,000
11. RAET Annual Registration Fee                                             105,000
12. RAET Appraisal Fee                                                           52,500

Note:  It is not Official Website of ICAP. The information is for students who want to take admission in CA. You may visit the official website of ICAP for complete details.


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