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Time Management


Time management means fixation of priorities according to time. Time management comprises following

  1. Allocation of time against activities.
  2. What should be done first and what should be done second?
  3. How much time should be given to a task according to its importance and nature?
  4. What is the right time for a task?
  5. Which tasks should be avoided in order to save time or to indentify the activities which lead to wastage of time?

Importance of Time Management

Time management is essential in every field of life because time is the precious recourse one has to accomplish a task. A very single moment which passed once will never come back to be availed. Time management helps you do your task in time and utilize your time more productively. It helps you to identify the useless activities which can be avoided and time can be saved. It helps you give proper time to a task and perform the task more efficiently.


Time Management for students.

Time is a major source for a student. A student does a lot of activities in his daily routine, out of which some (study) are related to his career, some (having food) are essential for his life and some (games etc) are for entertainment or physical fitness. Still some activities have no use and just waste time. Similarly if the activities for entertainment exceeds than enough it wastes the time of a student like using internet (chatting and emails for recreation) for hours, playing games for hours, watching movies for hours or listening to music for hours. Such activities are called “distracters” which distract one from one’s real purpose.

Games and physical exercise are important for a student because it refreshes his mind and it keeps him physically and mentally fit but games’ time should not exceeded than sufficient that it may waste your time.

No one wastes time intentionally. Time is always wasted in insensible way that’s why a student does not feel when he wastes time but he realizes in the days of exam. So it is better to utilize the present time more effectively than crying over past in future.

If a student wastes time it means he is careless about his study or he does not know how to manage time. So you should know about the importance of time and should be particular about it. You should learn how to manage time.


How to manage time for study?

As stated in the beginning of this topic that time management comprises various steps. Time management is not only to allocate time against different subjects but also to identify right time for each such subject, how much time should be given to different subject and to identify the distracters which become causes of wastage of time.

Take a pen and sheet. Write all the activities you do in your daily routine. Calculate how much time you have for your study other than your college (or school) and other activities. Determine how much time a subject can take in your total study time. See that which subject need more time.


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