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(Association of Certified Chartered Accountants)


ACCA stands for “Association of Chartered Certified Accountants”. It was founded in 1904 in England. The ACCA qualification is highly regarded accountancy qualification. Over 160 countries has its tuition providing centers. About 460000 students are taking its tuition in different countries.


          ACCA has 14 papers in total. It has Fundamental level (knowledge and skill) and professional level (Essential and optional paper). The first three papers (knowledge papers) can be taken as CBE (computer based exam) or as manual paper. while the rest 11 papers are taken as manual paper (paper based exam, PBE). The passing marks for each paper is 50%. There are two manual exams per year, in June and in December. After passing all the papers of ACCA, three years of relevant practical experience is required.


                       ACCA EXAMINATIONS & SUBJECTS



Exam Duration

Exam Mode


F1 Accountant in Business 2 Hours CBE or PBE
F2 Management Accounting 2 Hours CBE or PBE
F3 Financial Accounting 2 Hours CBE or PBE


F4 Corporate and Business Law 3 Hours PBE
F5 Performance Management 3 Hours PBE
F6 Taxation 3 Hours PBE
F7 Financial Reporting 3 Hours PBE
F8 Audit and Assurance 3 Hours PBE
F9 Financial Management 3 Hours PBE


P1 Professional Accounting 3 Hours PBE
P2 Corporate Reporting 3 Hours PBE
P3 Business Analysis 3 Hours PBE


P4 Advanced Financial Management 3 Hours PBE
P5 Advance Performance Management 3 Hours PBE
P6 Advanced Taxation 3 Hours PBE
P7 Advanced Audit Assurance 3 Hours PBE


                                Entry Route to ACCA.

There are different entry routes to ACCA, depending upon age and previous academics qualification of student.

Route-1. (On Qualification Base)

  • 2 years B.Com / BA / BSc
  • 2 Passes in A-Level and three GCSE or equivalent in five separate subjects including Math's and English (If not, then IELTS 6.5 band or TOEFL with CBE - 170/PBE 500 scores).
  • CAT (Certified Accounting Technician), CAT is also offered by ACCA. Read about it in the last of this topic.

Route-2. (On Age Base)

  • Age should be 21 or above. No formal qualification is required. F2 and F3 must be with in two years from the date of first exam.


                                         Fee structure.

Registration FEE - ACCA *

Initial Registration £ 66
Annual Subscription £ 66

Examination / Exemption Fee (For PBE)

Knowledge Module (3 Papers) £ 53 per paper
Skills Module (6 Papers) £ 66 per paper
Professional Level (7 Papers) £ 78 per paper

Tuition Fee.
            Tuition fee per paper is different in different colleges.


                                      Important Dates



Initial Registration Date

Exam Registration Date

June Attempt 31st December of the Previous Year. 15th April
December Attempt 15th August 15th October


                                 EXAM RESULTS DATES

June Exams Mid August
December Exams Mid February


  • You can take the first three paper as manual paper as well as computer based exam
  • You have choice of sitting up to four papers per exam.



  • Student has ten years to complete all the papers.
  • The Knowledge module must be completed before the Essentials & Options module can be attempted.
  • Up to four papers can be taken in one exam.


Exemption of papers.

  • Exemption up to first four paper is given to degree holder of MBA, Mcom, CA inter by ACCA.
  • Knowledge level is fully exempt to the CAT qualified students.

Note: It is not official website for ACCA. This information is for the help those students who are new to ACCA and want to take admission in ACCA in soon future. We have tried our level best to be more precise and accurate but still if there is any mistake or modification or update information, do write us. Student may visit the official website of ACCA.


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