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Introduction, Description of test
Preparation Guidelines for each part
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Information & Preparation Guidelines



IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. This test is designed to assess the English Language proficiency of candidates seeking international education, professional training or work in English speaking environment. It is globally accepted and recognized test. IELTS is accepted by many academic institution across the world including Australian, British, Canadian, New Zealand, and South African academic institution, by various academic institutions of United States and also by many professional bodies. Different Institutions and organization require different scores on IELTS by candidates who need to study or work in that institution or organization. More than 6000 institution in about 135 countries accept IELTS test. About 1.4 million candidates appear in the test each year to seek international education and employment.

IELTS is owned and managed jointly by University of Cambridge ESOL examinations, British Council and IDP:ISLETS Australia. IELTS tests the ability of candidates to listen, read, write and speak English Language.


Description the Test


There are two versions of IELT test
1. Academic Test
2. General Training Test 


• Academic Test is taken by those candidates who want to take admission in a university or institution of higher education abroad (in English speaking countries).
• General Training Test is taken by candidates seeking professional training, experience or work abroad (in English speaking countries).


You should take advice from local IELTS office or student advisor if you have any doubt about whether to sit for Academic test or General Training test, because both the tests are different in weight and are not interchangeable. Both the versions of IELTS test have four parts i.e Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.


Test Structure

IELT test have following four modules

1. Listening (4 sections, 30 minutes)
2. Reading  (3 sections, 60 minutes)
3. Writing   (2 tasks, 60 minutes)
4. Speaking (11-14 minutes)


The total duration for test is 2 hours and 45 minutes. The Listening, Reading, and Writing tests are taken in one sitting. The Speaking test may be on the same day or up to seven days before or after the test.

All the candidates have to take test for each of four modules i.e Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. All candidates take same Listening and Speaking modules but may choose between the Academic or General Training versions of Reading and Writing modules.


For studying detail information and preparation guidelines for each module, visit the following links

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  U+2192.svg Listening
  U+2192.svg Reading
  U+2192.svg Writing
  U+2192.svg Speaking
d IELTS - General Information and FAQs