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Planning – Making a schedule for study


 A very well-known saying is, “He who fails to plan, he plans to fail”. Planning is very much important, if you want to be a successful student. A schedule helps you in utilizing your time more productively.  It helps you to complete your course in a particular time. It tells you how much part of your course should be studied weekly or monthly so that you can complete your course before the exam.


          A schedule is made on weekly or monthly or daily basis. You may make schedule for your whole session having work for each day of session, it is good because you get the idea about your course and time available as well as you don’t need to make it again and again. It is good you make schedule from the beginning of your session.


How to make a Schedule


  • Count the number of subjects included in your course. Count the number of chapters and lessons or topics or exercises in each subject. Calculate sum of chapters or lessons or topics.
  • Count the months or days you have for preparation of your course.
  • Divide total topics of your course over total days you have for preparation, it will give you idea that how much part should be studied daily so that you can complete your course. (You may divide your course on months, it depends on you)
  • Make a table with rows and columns. Write the dates in the rows of one column and topics names or chapters names in the rows of other column.
  • Making schedule may take your one hour or two but if you do not make it, you may lose many hours because schedule creates punctuality in you and enables you to utilize your time more effectively and productively. 


Example. Lets suppose, a student reading in semester system (a semester has 6 months) has four subjects. he will first calculate how much chapters or lessons are there in each subject.


  • • Book-1 = 15 chapters = 185 topics
  • • Book-2 = 20 chapters = 200 topics
  • • Book-3 = 13 chapters = 145 topics
  • • Book-4 = 16 chapters = 190 topics

His entire course comprises of 185+200+145+190 = 720 Topics
He has 6 month for preparation or 30x6 = 180 Days

Divide total topics by total days you have for preparation,  720 topics/180 days = 4 topic/per day.
It means that if you study and prepare 4 topics daily you can complete your course easily before exam. Remember you should not study 4 topics of same book in one day, better you select one topic from each subject for every day. You may increase the number of topic per day; it depends on you but that calculation tells you that at least study four topic a day to complete your course in time.

After this calculation he shall make a table (having rows and column) on paper with the help of ruler and pen. He will write dates in rows of one column and topics names in the rows other column. Total days are 180 so he will make table having 180 rows or 3 table each having 60 rows. Making schedule  may take one hour but if he does not make it, he may loose many hours  because this schedule will create punctuality in him.