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Preparation Guidelines for each part
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Information & Preparation Guidelines

Reading Module


Essentials of Listening Module:

1. Time Allowed: 60 minutes
2. There are three passages. There are 40 questions on these three passages.
3. Academic Reading and General Training Reading modules are different. The passages given in “Academic reading” are taken from books, newspapers, magazines and journals. While the passages given in “General Training reading” are taken notices, leaflets, newspapers, manuals, books and magazine.
4. There are various type of questions i.e. multiple choice questions, short answer      questions, sentence completion, notes/charts/table completion, labeling diagram,      classification, matching, choose suitable topic for paragraph, identification of writer’s      views.
5. Answers have to be written into the answer sheet in the allotted 60 minutes (no      extra time for transferring answers to answer sheet)


How to improve Reading Skills - Guidelines

The test is divided into three sections. You are given a passage for reading and asked questions on the passage. The questions can be both after and before the passage. The passages are about topics of general interests.

            Improving reading skills and preparation for dealing with these passages mainly require  

• Practicing similar passages
• Effective Reading
• A great deal of general reading


Practicing Similar Passages

There are many books in which such passages are given for practice. You can also search these practice passages on internet. You have read the passage and answer the questions given at the end of the passage. Correct answers are also given in the book for learning.
Practicing these passage really helps in preparation for test. It rectifies your approach to reading passage and attempting its questions. It makes you acquainted with over all dealing with passage questions. It enables you to solve passages quickly. Practice makes man perfect. The more you practice, the lesser will be chance of mistake in test. Attempt more and more passage by reading passage carefully and answering questions accordingly. It is the best way to ensure your success in reading module.
        The best way for attempting practice passages is to read passage carefully and then answer its questions on a sheet before seeing the correct answer given in book. Don’t see the correct answers from book before you attempt them yourself. It will give you idea of your mistakes and help you ward off your mistakes.


Effective Reading

            Your performance in reading modules majorly depends on how you read a text. Reading is not only uttering words of a passage. There is a purpose behind reading. The purpose is to grasp the complete idea of each sentence which the writer wants to convey to the reader, which is called effective reading. By effective reading you get a true picture of passage. Effective reading is the only tool that enables you answers the question given on passage. 
        Most students have the habit of cursory reading. They just run on the sentences by only uttering their words and don’t extract the apparent and background idea in the sentence. That is why they are not able to answer the questions of passage properly.
You should adopt method of effective reading and avoid cursory reading. Effective reading requires your full attention, interest, and concentration.


General Reading

Reading newspaper, magazine, journals, good essays or general books make a good contribution to improve your reading skills. It provides you informal opportunity to practice for reading and flourish your reading skills.
General reading may not require much of your attention but it is a fact that you are fully interest to do it. That’s why you learn easily and quickly. General reading helps you in a way that you do not feel at that moment but in the long run you realize its benefit.

Reading newspaper on daily basis is a good habit to improve reading skills. Apart from that you can read good books of essay written by renowned writers. Even if you read a magazine or novel, you should read it properly so that you can enjoy it as well as get benefit from it. 


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