General Instructions for NTS Test

Every month thousands of students appear in NTS test. Candidates must know the instruction of test in order to perform well in the test.

The general instructions for NTS test are as follows:

  1. Reach your test center in time. You should reach atleast 30 minutes before start-time of test. The test time is written on your Roll No. slip.
  2. Bring your Roll No. Slip and National Identity Card (NIC). With Roll No. Slip and NIC, you will not be allowed to appear in the test.
  3. Bring a pen and clip-board. Black or blue pen is allowed for shading the circles or blocks for correct option on the answer-sheet.
  4. Mobile phones, calculators or other electronic gadgets are not allowed in exam hall.
  5. Do not open the Question-book before you are instructed to start the test.
  6. Question-books have five different colors having question in shuffled order in each.
  7. Fill in colour-boxes on your answer-sheet according to the colour of your question-book. Make sure you have shaded the correct box.
  8. An attendance-sheet will be circulated in hall during the test. Make sure that you have marked your attendance by signing on the answer-sheet.
  9. Correct way of filling the circles for answer on answer sheet:
    The answer-sheet is a computer sensitive paper. Do not fold it. Fill in (shade) the circle for each option correctly. Shading the circle in wrong manner will not receive marks for answer as it is marked by a computer. Here is the correct way of shading the options: