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Procedure for Applying for BA Exam of Punjab University


This information is more helpful for those students who want to appear in BA exam in Punjab University as a private candidate who cannot go to Punjab University to take information from their office.

Let me explain step by step process of applying for BA exam from Punjab University


1. Intermediate Qualification is Basic requirement
You should have qualified your Intermediate exam. You will need copy of your intermediate exam certificate/degree for applying for BA exam.


2. Migration from Intermediate Board to Punjab University
As intermediate exam are conducted by “Board of intermediate and secondary education” and now your are applying for exam in University, so  You will have to do “Migration” from your Education Board (Board from which your have qualified your exam of intermediate) to Punjab University. BA exam is conducted by University not by Intermediate Board. For “Migration” you will have to go to your Board of Intermediate and apply for “Migration certificate” and one you receive this, you will submit your Migration certificate in Punjab university along with registration fee. Punjab University will give you a “Registration Card” having your registration number. Now you are registered with Punjab University and can apply for exam in Punjab University as regular as well as private student.


3. Applying for BA Exam in Punjab University
Now you will wait for opening of admission forms for BA exam, this information is given on this website and also available from Punjab university. Remember that the dates of applying for exam are usually a little bit different for both regular and private students. Like for exam of BA 2013 the closing date of application form for exams were 10th October 2012 for regular students while 25th october 2012 for private students.  Normal (Single fee) admission fee for BA exam 2013 is Rs. 3000. The fee is deposited in any branch of HBL Bank. Punjab University has its own branch of HBL Bank inside university.

Usually you can also apply in few days after the closing date with late fee or usually called as double fee and triple fee. Date is also given for applying with double and tripple fee.


The admission form can be taken from Punjab University as well as downloaded from the website of Punjab University. After filling the form and attaching the bank receipt, you are required to attached the following documents

   •  Copy of Registration Card
   •  Copy Matriculation Certificate
   •  Copy of Intermediate certificate
   •  Copy of National identity Card


After submitting complete form to Punjab University (either directly by hand or by pos) you will have to wait for receiving your “Roll No. Slip”.


3. Receiving “Roll No. Slip”
Your “Roll No. slip” arrives in a month or two. Your “Roll No. Slip” mentions dates for all your papers which you have selected for your exam as well as mentions your Center address. Your Center is selected by university itself. Usually the inhabitants of Lahore may be given the Examination Hall (Situated on Wahdat Road) of Punjab University. Other candidates who live in other areas far from Lahore may be allotted Exam center (in university affiliated with Punjab University) in their area determined by University Considering their residence address.


4. Selecting Subjects for BA Exam in Punjab University

BA Exam Consists
3 Compulsory Subjects = Total 300 marks
2 Elective Subjects, each subject have 2 papers, each paper have 100 marks (4 Papers) = Total 400 marks
1 Optional Subject (1 paper) = Total 100 marks
So Total marks of complete BA exam = 800


Compulsory subjects are

 English Language: Paper A & B, each carrying 100 Marks. Paper “A” is of 1 hour and 30 minutes. While Paper “B” is of 3 hours.
 Islamic Studies/Ethics: Carrying 60 Marks. Time of Paper: 1 Hour and 40 minutes.
 Pak-Studies: carrying 40 Marks. Time of Paper: 1 Hour and 20 minutes


Elective and Optional subjects are to be selected from the given 2 lists of subjects for elective and optional papers.

2 subjects (each subject having 2 papers) will have to be selected from the list of electives paper.
1 subject (having 1 paper) will have to be selected from the list of optional papers.


Note: Some subjects given in list of elective subjects and list of optional subjects are same but you cannot select same subject for both elective and optional subjects. For example Psychology subject is in both lists of elective and optional subject, so if you selected psychology as elective subject then you cannot select it as optional too.

Click here to view the list of elective and optional papers of BA exam of Punjab University.


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