CSS Exam - Medical Test, Psychological Test & Viva-voce

 The first part of CSS exam is the written part. The written exam is followed by a medical test, a psychological test and a viva-voce. The shortlisted students, after qualifying the written exam, are called for the aforementioned assessments. Each of them is explained as follows:

   Medical Test

The shortlisted candidates have to undergo a medical test. The purpose of this medical test is to examine that the candidate is free from any physical anomalies which may interfere in candidate’s delivery of services. The medical examination is conducted by medical-board, constituted by FPSC, for this purpose. The candidate must have sound physical and mental health. If a candidate is found not to satisfy the medical requirements, he or she will not be appointed except the disabled person whose rules are separately prescribed by FPSC.

The disabled candidates must have submitted certificates of their disability issued by a recognized authority. Disabled candidates (i.e. physically impaired, hearing or speech impaired, deaf & dumb, visually impaired) are allowed to compete in CSS Exam for four groups of serves: Pakistan Audit and Account, Commerce and Trade, Postal services, Information services. A helper (i.e. writer) can be provided to disabled candidates if they mention it in their application form. Similarly to the visually impaired (blind) candidates extra 15 minutes per hours will be allowed.

In order to avoid disappointment in the medical test, candidates are suggested to have a proper medical examination by a Government Medical officer before applying for the CSS Exam.

   Psychological Test

The shortlisted candidates are called for a Psychological test and Viva-voce. Both the psychological test and viva-voce have combined 300 marks.  The psychological test is designed to assess candidate’s mental capabilities, attitudinal aspects and personality traits with regards to their competency for the Civil services. 

The psychological test consists of written tasks and group activities. In the written task, candidates are required to write their views regarding a topic, a question, a picture or a scenario presented to them. Trained psychologists analyze each word and line written by the candidates. Hence, the candidates should be careful about writing down their views. You statements should be clear, true and straight forward.

Group activities are also designed to assess the behavior of student in group. Candidates are asked to engage in some group activities to analyze their group performance and tendencies.

Candidates should bring three passport size photographs and their National Identity Card for the Psychological and Viva-voce exam. If a candidate fails to appear in the Psychological test, he or she will not be allowed to appear in the viva voce.

   Viva Voce

The short-listed candidates will have to appear in a Viva Voce. Viva Voce carries 300 marks. Viva voce is an interview to assess candidates on the basis of their moral characteristics, readiness of mind, intelligence, leadership qualities and extra-curricular and co-curricular qualities and knowledge. A Board of members is constituted to interview the candidates to judge their suitability for the services. The Board of members has all the curricular and co-curricular record of the candidates in front of them at the time of interviewing the candidate.

The candidates must have good communication skills. Good speaking skills aided by the power of creativity will help the candidate score well in viva voce. Co-curricular activities and areas of interest will be asked about. Candidate must have good knowledge about their areas of interest i.e. hobbies and games. Co-curricular activities include candidate participation in debates, competition, or other such activities.

The candidates must have sound knowledge about Islam and Pakistan as more questions will be asked about it. Qualifying marks for viva voce is 100 marks. Candidates getting marks less than 100 will be disqualified for the services. Question regarding Islam will not be asked from non-Muslim candidates.