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How to become a good speaker


Sometimes you may need to stand up in front of many people to express your views on some topic or to convey some important message to them, for instance in formal settings like in formal meeting you may need to deliver a speech to all the members of meating or being a teacher you need to delive lecture to students. If its your first to deliver a speech in front of many people, it will quite difficult for you and you may not be able to convey your ideas properly to the listeners.

Here are some important requirements for becoming an influential speaker which needs to be focuse on


Boldness and Confidence
Boldness and confidence are two essential qualities of a good speaker. A view of many people setting in front of you may make you nervous. Its natural that man is influenced by social pressure. Be bold enough to avoid being influenced by this sort of social pressure of people sitting in front of you. Think that all those sitting infront of you are human beings just like you and consider them just like your close friends. Don’t be shy and feel very relaxed.

Have confidence in yourself. Think of yourself that you have enough skills that you can talk on this topic and that you have enough knowledge about the topic. Try your level best that your views be right, but don’t fear that your views may be wrong and someone may contradict to what you say or may laugh at you. When you think like that it will hinder your speech, just have confidence in you and in what you say.


Proper Eye Contact with the audience
Making a proper eye contact with audience while delivering speech is very important. It builds their interest in listening to you. If you look above the heads of audience, they feel somewhat like ignored and get bored. You have to convey your ideas to the audience so you need to make a proper contact with all audience to get them invovled in listening to you and paying attention to you.


Body language for speech
Body language means facial gestures and movements of hands according ideas of your speech while you deliver speech. Body language for speech is very important to convey your ideas properly and easily to the audience. Body language is defined by the ideas you deliver while speech, for example if your ideas are about motivating the audience for some thing, your facial gestures and movement should be properly according to that, so this way the audience sitting in front of u looking at get influenced more easily and and your ideas are conveyed to them more properly.


Speaking Skills
  • Utter words clearly
  • Organization of Ideas
  • Variance in tone
  • Be interesting
  • Be Convincing
  • End Statement


Your general speaking skills also contribute to make you a good formal speaker. Speak clearly by utter each word very clearly so that the listeners can easily get you.
You may have to speak about many ideas related to the topic. You need to organize your ideas that what should be spoken first and what should be spoken next as well as the proper manner to speak your ideas. Its not good to deliver the whole speech in one same tone, it makes your speech boring. You should need to change your tone by raising and lowering your voice according to the nature of ideas in speech.
Try to be interesting while delivering speech so that audience can pay attention to your words. Don’t be too much serious in entire speech, somewhere in speech you may give a smiling face and saying a little bit joke related to your idea.
Try to convinve the listener about what you say. Give proper ideas and explanation. At the end of speech it is necessary to give thanks statement to listener for listening to you. It gives them a good impression.


Practice delivering speeches in front of people.
It may be a quite bad experience for you to deliver a speech or express your views on some topic in front of many people for the first time but if you keep practising to deliver speech in front of masses you will gain command on it. Practice makes a man perfect. If you want to become an influential speaker which may be requirement of your job, then you should practice delivering speeches in front of many people. You can do this practice as by gathering you friends, or your family members, or even going to some formal set ups and deliver a speech infron of these people. Try to consider all of the above qualities of good speakers while you practise to beome a good speaker.

You may also need to deliver speech in some formal place where you may find no time for preparation. You may be asked to express your views about something like may be a topic given in class or test. In such case you may hardly find 3 to 5 minutes before you are called upon stage or dice but you can also utilize these 3 to 5 minutes for preparing for your speech to atleast thinking about ideas about the topic which you will have to deliver.
Plan about your speech – prepare yourself for the speech
Most of the time in formal set ups you know about when to deliver speech or lecture or express your ideas on some topic. It means you have time to prepare for your coming speech and you have time for collecting ideas about the topic which you will need to express while delivering the speech. Plan about your speech and prepare yourself for the speech. Try to gain more knowledge about the topic and think about which aspects of the topic to be explain and in which direction they should be explain so that you can properly and fully convery the required ideas. Similarly consider the above qualities of good speaker while preparing for the speech. Better you also watch videos of good speakers and read about good speakers.


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