How to Apply for Pakistan Army, Air Force and Navy

It is a dream of every citizen to serve its nation by joining the defense forces of the country. The candidates, intending to join Pakistan Army, Air Force and Navy, have to appear in the following:

  1. Entry Test
  2. Initial Medical Examination
  3. ISSB Tests
    • Psychological Tests
    • Out-door Tests
    • Interview
  4. Final Selection

The candidates have to qualify an entry test and initial medical examination before appearing in the ISSB. The major part of selection process for army, air force and navy is the ISSB. ISSB test are conducted in four days. The candidates are required to stay at ISSB Cantonments/Test Center for these four days to appear in the tests. The qualified candidates of ISSB are given special trainings at the respective academies to prepare them for delivering their services in army, air force or navy.


Pakistan Army, Air Force and Navy offer varying courses to join, e.g. short course and long course.  You can course by applying for it depending on your eligibility for the course. The known courses or categories offered are as follows:


  • PMA Long Course
  • Technical Cadet Course

Air Force

  • General Deputy Pilot (GDP)
  • Air Defense
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Admin and Special Duties
  • Logistics
  • Accounts
  • Legal
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering


  • PN Cadet
  • Education Branch
  • Special Branch – Imagery
  • Special Branch – IT 
  • Operations
  • Weapon Engineering

The courses for Pakistan Army, Air Force and Navy are separately advertised in the Newspaper at different times in the year. The selection process starts with publication of the advertisement.

   Online Registration

The eligible candidates are required to apply online. The candidate must register themselves online by visiting the website of ISSB and giving their details such as personal details and educational details.

The websites for online application are as follows:

 Application for Army: www.joinpakarmy.gov.pk
 Application for Air Force: www.joinpaf.gov.pk
 Application for Navy: joinpaknacy.gov.pk

After submission of online application, the candidate receives a confirmation email having a roll number, test date and test center.

Note. In some cases, the candidates can also apply by visiting the respective recruitment center if it is mentioned in the advertisement.

  Instructions for application:

  1. The candidates having 1st year (of Intermediate) cleared with required marks (for a course) and appearing in/awaiting result of exam of 2nd year of intermediate can apply for the courses requiring intermediate qualification. In such a case, the candidate is required to provide a hope certificate from the head of the institution.
  2. Candidate having degree other than Pakistani education (e.g. A/O Level) is required to provide an equivalence certificate from the respective boards. (e.g. IBCC or HEC)
  3. Candidates who are not issued the degrees and have a provisional, duplicate or revised degree or certificate are required to provide verification certificate from the Secretary/Controller of Examination.
  4. Candidates can appear in ISSB for army, air force and navy only for three attempts.