Benefits of Online Educational Programs

Since the internet has revolutionized the world, online education is gaining widespread popularity among students. The demand for online education is growing day by day. Considering this fact, most educational institutions across the world have started offering online courses along with their on-campus courses. Nowadays, the students can easily pursue education online in different areas and levels such as fast-track courses, as well as normal-track programs including Bachelor, Master, and PhD programs. Due to the current pandemic, some on-campus programs have already been converted into online-mode of education. However, most students may also generally prefer the online mode of education even when the circumstances allow them to pursue these courses as on-campus courses. This is because online courses have a lot of benefits, as discussed below.

   Ease of getting a degree from high-ranking foreign universities while staying at your home country

It is the dream of every student to get a degree from high-ranking and reputable foreign universities. However, it is not always easy for them to pursue this dream because this generally involves a lot of traveling and visa formalities. Online courses make it easier to get admission into these high-ranking foreign universities from the home country and get their desired education which is valued by employers across the globe. This helps them save their time and be able to also manage their other activities along with their education.

   Lower cost of education

The total cost of online programs is generally lower than on-campus programs. This is because online courses do not involve the usage of infrastructural amenities (e.g., classrooms, and study-spaces) by the students. Therefore, the tuition fee of online students is less than that for on-campus students. Most online programs also provide fee assistance such as waiving of a part of the fee, and scholarships.

Similarly, as the students have not to travel to other countries and have not to apply for a visa, they save a lot of their money (e.g., plane tickets, visa application fee, health surcharge fee, residence expenses) which is generally spent when a student has to pursue his education as an on-campus student.

   Flexibility in online academic programs

Unlike on-campus programs, online programs are comparatively more flexible. They can easily be modified to make them suit your ease and preferences. For instance, you can change the time of study according to your time feasibility. Most online programs provide study resources such as books, pre-recorded audio and video lectures, and other study materials. Unlike on-campus program which has specified timings for attending class lectures, online programs do not restrict you to specific timings for study. You can choose any time and day to study the provided study resources. Similarly, as your exams are attempted online, you can set the day and time of the exam according to your ease. Some online programs also allow you to opt for the number of subjects for the exam based on your choice.

Since you do not have to go to a specific place to attend your classes, you can attend your classes or do study from any place at your ease. You simply need a computer and access to the internet to study your courses.

   Easy admission criteria and process

Colleges and universities provide the details of their online courses on their website which a student can easily read to understand various aspects of their offered courses. The admission criteria and procedure for online programs are generally easier compared to regular on-campus programs. First, you simply have to go online and fill an application form from your home and get a decision on your application within a few days. Second, the online courses do not require many strict formalities and have easier criteria for admission. Students from different educational backgrounds and age groups generally find it easier to get admission in an online course.

   Online study resources and support

As noted earlier, most online programs provide all their study resources such as books, audio and video lectures, and study-notes. Students can easily access these resources and study them. Similarly, students are given access to the digital library of the institution which has a huge collection of books and are easily accessible online. Since the entire mode of education is online, the student has provided with good online support from their tutors. Student can email their tutors when they have some issues in learning their subjects. The tutors for the online program are quite responsive towards students’ emails and to help them on time.

   Faster completion of an academic program

Since online programs do not involve those formalities which are involved in an on-campus program, the online programs in many cases can be comparatively faster. First, some online courses are offered as first track courses. Second, the completion of the course also depends on the performance of the students. The determined students generally complete them faster than others. The online programs generally have a flexible schedule which allows the student to complete their course sooner based on their good performance. Some online courses do have a fixed duration which a student has to complete in order to get the degrees, but it still makes it easier for students to save a lot of time due to fewer formalities in involved in these courses.

   Highly valued and globally recognized degree

The educational degrees offered by the well-reputed institutions of the UK, USA, Australia, Canada and other developed countries are valued by employers across the globe. Having degrees from these institutions help you stand out in the job market and ensure your bright professional career. However, due to financial and other constraints, some students may find it difficult to pursue their desired education by travelling to those countries. The availability of online courses makes it easier for them to get degrees from these institutions while staying in their home countries.

   A wide range of academic subjects and programs

Students have a broad range of subjects and programs to choose from. Nowadays, most colleges and university offer their on-campus courses also as online courses. This allows the student to select his desired on-campus program as an online program. These online programs are offered in different academic areas such as social sciences, humanities, business studies, computer sciences, engineering, and so on. In addition to that, a number of short and long courses are offered online by colleges and universities which may not be part of their on-campus education. Therefore, students have an even wider range of subjects and programs to select one according to their choice and the professional scope of the program. Students can get enrolled in programs at any academic level such as Bachelor, Master and PhD level programs.

   Simple formalities of exam and assessment

The assessment levels of online and on-campus programs are the same and thus, only those online students get the degree who really deserve it based on their academic performance. However, style of assessment may slightly vary for both modes of education. Online mode includes writing and submitting assignments at specified dates during an academic session which are scored by the online tutors. These assignments are part of students’ assessment, and their scores are added to the final score of the student. Similarly, the students have to attempt online exams. However, the students have the flexibility to choose the number of subjects, day and time for the exam according to their choice and suitability. Students are generally emailed a link for opening and attempting the test. Thus, they can attempt their exam from anywhere. Online exams can include both MCQs and essay questions, however, the major parts of the exam are generally MCQs-based.