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Preposition, Page 2


Types of Preposition


The types of preposition are as follows:

       1. Preposition for Time
       2. Preposition for Place
       3. Preposition for Direction
       4. Preposition for Agent
       5. Preposition for Instrument
       6. Prepositional Phrase


Prepositions for Time. (in, on, at)

Prepositions used for time of different natures are in, on at etc.



Time Nature


1. Month or Year.
e.g. in January, in 1985

2. Particular time of day or month or year
e.g. in morning, in evening, in first week of January, in summer, in winter

3. Century or specific time in past etc
e.g. in 21st century, in stone age, in past, in future, in present


1. Day
e.g. on Monday

2. Date
e.g. on 5th of March, March 5

3. Particular day
e.g. on Independence Day, on my birthday,


1. Time of clock
e.g. at 5 O’clock, at 7:30 PM

2. Short and precise time
e.g. at noon, at sunset, at lunch time, at bed time, at the moment, at the same time

          He was born in 1945.
          She will go to New York on 25th of March.
          The concert will begin at 7 O’clock.
          He gets up early in the morning.
          We enjoyed a lot in the summer.
          The president will deliver speech to public on Independence Day.
          She received a lot gifts on her birthday.
          Where were you at the lunchtime?
          I will call you at 12 A.M


Preposition for Place. (in, on, at)

Prepositions “in, on or at” are usually used for different places.

  • “In” is usually used for place which have some boundary (boundary may physical or virtual).
  • “On” is  used for surface
  • “At” is used for specific place.


Place Nature


 Place having some boundary (physical or virtual boundary)
In hall
In school
In a building
In a box
In a car
In library
In garden
In America
In room
In cupboard


 Surface of something.
On a table
On blackboard
On a page
On the wall
On the roof
On a map


 Specific Place.
At the entrance
At the bottom of glass
At front of the chair
At bus stop
At the edge of roof

          She lives in New York.
          Students study in library.
          The wedding ceremony will be held in the hall.
          There are some books on the table.
          The teacher wrote a sentence on blackboard.
          He was flying kite on the roof.
          Her parents were waiting for her at the entrance of school
          There was a huge gathering at bus stop.
          His house is at the end of street.


Preposition for Direction.
to, toward, through, into)

Prepositions like to, towards, through, into are used to describe the direction. Following examples will help in better understanding.

         She went to the library.
         He jumped into the river.
         He ran away when he felt that someone was coming toward him.


Preposition for Agent. (by)

Preposition for agent is used for a thing which is cause of another thing in the sentence. Such prepositions are by, with etc. Following examples will help in better understanding.

         This book is written by Shakespeare.
         The work was completed by him.
         The room was decorated by her.
         The tub is filled with water.


Preposition for device, instrument or machine.

Different preposition are used by different devices, instruments or machines. e.g. by, with, on etc. Following examples will help in better understanding.

         She comes by bus daily.
         He opened the lock with key.


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