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Aga Khan Medical College Entry Test


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Entry Test of Aga Khan Medica College Karachi - Guidelines


Aga Khan Medical College Karachi is one of the renowned Medical Colleges of Pakistan. Entry test for admission is held every year, conducted by Aga Khan University Karachi. Generally, Entry test is held in the month of March or April every year in different cities of Pakistan. Entry test for year 2012 will be held on 14th March 2012. The last date for submitting application is 4th February 2012.


After qualifying entry test candidates are shortlisted for interview. Short listing for interviews is based on combination of Secondary School achievement and the AKU Admission Test score. A student is eligible for admission into Aga Khan Medical College if he qualifies entry test as well as interview.


Eligibility for test (Student of Pakistan).
The students who have successfully completed or are in the process of completing their HSC (FSc Pre-medical) can apply for the test.
Candidates following systems of education (i.e A-level) other than the Pakistani system will be required to submit equivalence certificate from the Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC) in Pakistan. The qualification must be equivalent to the pre-medical qualification in Pakistan.


How to apply.
Application form, prospectus and sample papers can be downloaded from the website of AKU, www.aku.edu or can be obtained from specified branches of Sonehri Bank in Pakistan.
Fill application form and admit card. Attach 1. Attested copies of marks sheet/transcript, 2. Admit Card, and 3. Application Fee Rs 3000/- for students applying from Pakistan. This is paid by demand draft in favor of Aga Khan University or by cash if application is delivered by hand.
The completed application form should be posted by registered mail or sent through a reliable courier service to address prescribed on application form or delivered in person to the Admission Office in AKU Karachi.


How to Prepare for the TEST


Structure (format) for 2012.

The test is divided in to three sections.

Section – I
This section tests the candidate’s competency in English language. There are two components in this section.


Component –I:  15 MCQs to test structure, cohesion and vocabulary

Component –II: A summative paragraph writing from notes given in question paper.


Time given for this section is 40 minutes. There is no negative marking in this section


Section – II
There are 25 MCQs in this section to test the candidate’s science reasoning skills.

Time given for this section is 30 minutes. There is no negative marking in this section.


Section – III
There are

30 MCQs each in Biology, Physics and Chemistry.
20 MCQs in Mathematics.

The time given for this section is one hour and 35 minutes. There is negative marking in this section. Each correct response gets one point and for each incorrect response 0.25 will be deducted.

Suggested Books

  1. Your course books, A-level or Higher Secondary Education (FSc) books
  2. SAT-I (For English and Maths) and SAT-II (For Biology, Physics and Chemistry)
  3. MCAT (It is a foreign book like SAT book, not the ordinary MCAT books which are written by Pakistani authors. You can search this book on Internet or buy from market)


These books are quite helpful in the preparation for AKU’s Test. Some MCQs are taken from inside of theory of these books and some are directly taken from the MCQs in the last of each chapter of these books. You should study the theory thoroughly and practice its MCQs as well.
In spite studying these books some students fail the Test because they only read these books on surface and read its MCQs but the best way is to read them with full concentration and extract the hidden ideas and MCQs from each sentence which can be asked in Test. Extracting MCQs from theory is a skill. Make your concept clear about each idea given your books. So you need to learn them in a way that you can use that learning yourself. Try to practice more and more MCQs. By doing so you will learn as well as you will become habitual of (used to) MCQs and you will not be stressed in test and will solve the test with confidence.


English and Mathematics


For English and Maths students who have qualified the test suggest SAT-I book. In English they check your English Grammar (advance level) i.e subject verb agreement, redundancy, prepositions, etc.  A paragraph is given, you have to read it as fast as you can because it’s a lengthy paragraph and you have to answer the questions given on it. These question cannot be..........


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