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     Test Preparation


Aga Khan Medical College Entry Test


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Aga Khan Medical College Entry Test - Guidelines


(Continued from Page- 1)...answered by just have a rough idea of paragraph (as commonly given in Matric exams) But these question are to check you competency in English, Grammar skills and analyzing the idea given by grammatical structures in paragraph. Usually they give a question like “The word manipulate is used in paragraph in term of ______”  or may ask the meaning of word according to its usage in paragraph.


In Maths, they check your learning of fundamentals of Mathematics. These are easy questions but involves trick in them. Like they ask “what is the sum natural number from 1 to 100” so it an easy question, a simple formula is involved but if you start to adding all the number from 1 to 100 , it will take a lot time. (Its formula is to add first and last number and divide on total numbers)


MCQ.   If 3/4 of a number is 7 more than 1/6 of the number, what is  of the number?
A.       12
B.       15
C.       18
D.       20


MCQ.   If it is now June, what month will be 100 months from now?
A.       January
B.       April
C.       June
D.       October

General Guidance for MCQs Preparation


Remember, these MCQs test your knowledge and your mental sharpness. So each MCQs has question as well as a trick in it. Like an MCQs which has repeated many times in AKU’s test that is

MCQ.   The feet of elephants are large because
Answer: To reduce its pressure on earth.


It is easy MCQ, but student get confuse because there is a trick or indirect idea involved that is, we know that Pressure = Force / Area. It means Pressure is inversely proportion to Area. So more area of feet, less will  be the pressure and that’s the answer.

Questions of science subject are based on the Higher Secondary certificate Curriculum in Pakistan. Questions of Mathematics are based on the Secondary School Certificate curriculum in Pakistan. Question of English section is to check candidate’s competency in English language, grammar, vocabulary.


          All the questions are designed to check your learning level, your concepts, your mental approach to learning. Try to build concepts about things in your book. Suppose you study a topic, your learning should not be limited to reading sentence, try to know what the author wants to explain in each sentence, there are many hidden ideas, try to explore these ideas and make good question on them and try to find their answers.


Here is an example.. A student was studying about the chemical structure of atom, he read the sentence “protons reside in the nucleus of atom” he started thinking in his mind “proton have positive charge, bodies having same charge repel each other, then how protons reside in same place, why don’t they repel each other?” He made a question “How protons (having same charge) reside in one place, why they don’t repel each other? By making such question you achieve perfection in your learning.


Be a keen observer. When you study a topic, think about it at every angle, extract information from it which make your learning perfect. If some information is given about something in book, try to think on its all directions(which is usually not given in book), have a scientific approach to science subjects. Never ignore things if you are unable to understand, discuss with your teachers.      


It is better if student study books other than text books as well. Books like SAT II and MCAT are very helpful because these books have more details about the science subjects which builds your concepts as well as tells how can MCQs be made. SAT I book is good for learning English and Maths. Try to practice MCQs as much as possible.


Test Taking Strategies
Remember, learning test taking strategies are as important as study preparation for Entry-Test.  A lot of intelligent student fail the test because they are not aware of test taking strategies. Test taking strategies tell you

  • How to divide time over MCQs to complete test in time
  • How to maximize your accuracy chances in answering MCQs
  • And many more relevant things


For learning test taking strategies, click "Test Taking strategies"


                                                   Tips for attempting MCQs

  • In MCQs test, usually time is short. You have 2 minutes or one and a half minute for each MCQ, so divide the time on all MCQs properly.
  • Read the MCQ and before reading the choices, think in your mind for correct answer and then read the choices. It will help you to choose the correct choice or the answer.
  • There will be some choices about which you will be sure that they are wrong, skip these wrong choices first and focus on the rest choices for correct answer. It increase the your chances to select the correct choice.
  • Solve these MCQs first, which you can easily answer and leave which think is difficult for last. If you stick to one MCQ trying to find its answer and it takes your time, leave it because it hinders and when you finish all MCQs then come back to the un-attempted MCQs.
  • For answering MCQs you are given a “computer sensitive sheet”. It has blocks or circles on it, you have to darken the block or the circle for correct answer. Learn the correct way how to darken blocks or circles on computer sensitive sheet because computer reads it for giving you marks.


                                                         Past Papers

We have collected papers from different academies as well as we have collected hundred of MCQs from the students of AKU who have undergone the test. We will upload them on the feedback of students.


Here is SAMPLE MCAT TEST (Entry test of Medical Colleges), Click on the following link






Note: It is not official website of Aga Khan University, Karachi. This information is for the help of aspirant candidate who are new to test and want to take test in soon future. We have tried our level best to be precise and accurate. Still if there is any mistake or modification or update information, please do write us. Thanks

You may visit the official website of AKU,