HEC bans Imperial College of Business Studies (ICBS) Lahore

Higher Education Commission (HEC) assesses the performance of educational institutions in Pakistan to ensure that they are operating according to the standards and instructions prescribed by HEC. HEC helps the educational institution to provide quality education and maintain fairness in their education operations. Any educational institution, which does comply with these instructions, is banned by HEC.
HEC observed major irregularities and unacceptable negligence in academic system of Imperial College of Business Studies (ICBS) Lahore. Hence for these reasons, HEC banned the Imperial College of Business Studies, Lahore.  ICBS Lahore has been notified to stop enrolling students and offering tuition to students from April 2017 till further notification by HEC.

HEC has informed students and the general public to refrain from getting admission in ICBS from April 2017 as the degrees of ICBS will not be recognized by HEC.  It is pertinent to note that the degrees secured from ICBS Lahore before April 2017 will be considered as valid by HEC.

In response to the notification issued by HEC, the ICBS Lahore has stated that the college is undergoing up-gradation process to make up the deficiencies as per instructions devised by HEC. It is assured that the college will resume its functions after conforming to directions of HEC.