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How to study
Study Skills & Techniques

To do study is an art which a student needs to learn in order to study productively. Student should know when to study, where to study and how to study. Study is not mere reading sentences of book but it really needs to grasp idea behind each word which a student reads. In this section of study you will read articles which will teach you the guidelines about how to study, how to your develop interest in study, how to manage time for study, how to improve your concentration for study, test-taking strategies, how to remove bad habits which leads you to failure in exam, how to make useful notes and many things regarding study.
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CSS Exam Pakistan Information and Preparation Guidelines

CSS exam, a competitive exam, is conducted by Federal Public Service Commission Islamabad. CSS exam is held every year and is designed for recruitment to posts in Basic Pay Scale 17 in various groups of services. This section provides you information about the CSS exam (i.e. how to apply, Structure of exams and various parts) as well as guidelines for preparation for CSS exam.
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MCAT Test – Online Test

All the students who aspire to take admission into various medical colleges have to appear in their MCAT test. MCAT Test tests the ability of student to get admission into medical college, therefore student needs to get required marks in MCAT test in order to get admission in medical college. This section gives you an online MCAT Test which serves as a practice test for you as well as gives you insight about the format and structure of the Test.
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Active and Passive Voice

Active and Passive Voice are two ways to express an action in English Language. Such expression of an action is in terms of order of subject and object in a sentence. For example a sentence is expressed in to ways i.e. 1. He writes a letter. 2. A letter is written by him. The way the first sentence expresses the action is called Active Voice while the way the second sentence expresses the same action is called Passive Voice. Sentence formation in both Active and Passive Voice has certain rules and regulation. To study and understand Active and Passive Voice,
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How to take Computer Based Exam - CBE

Computer Based Exam, generally known as CBE, is an exam which is given and taken on computer unlike writing on a paper. Those students who attempt CBE for the first time may find it a little bit difficult to attempt CBE. Student should have some knowlegde about how to attempt CBE before appearing in CBE. This article teaches you how to attempt CBE, click here…

Test Taking Strategies

These are the strategies which enables you attempt your test properly and utilise time given for test properly to complete all the test in time. It also guides you about attempting test according to the structure and format of test because some test may comprise of descriptive question while other tests may comprise of MCQs. If you have study whole the year and have full preparation for your test but you don’t know the test taking strategies, you can’t translate your preparation into real product in terms of attempting exam. To learn Test-taking strategies,
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Punjab University BA Syllabus

Punjab University offers BA degree to students in various subjects. Students have to appear in some compulsory subject as well as select some optional and elective subjects. Some subjects cannot be opted for together. Hence students should know about these rules. Especially the private candidates should know which subject should be and can be opted for. Each subject has its own syllabus. To read the syllabi and rules for choosing paper for exam,
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Educational and Student Funny Videos

This section of website serves source of entertainment for student as well as an opportunity to learn a positive lesson. Here are some educational videos which benefit student as well as encourage them for their studies. Apart from that, the funny videos comprises of funny sketches and plays performed by students on stages of their institute’s program. Click here…

Students' News

Student needs to keep himself informed about dates of opening and closing admission into institutes, dates of sending application for exam and appearing in exam, dates of result. Apart from that students should know about the scholarship offered to them for their education from government organization. Such news are important for students so that they can manage time for their educational activity and avoid missing availing any education activities. Here you will read such news, click here



International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

IELTS is a globally accepted and recognized test that is designed for assessing the English Language Proficiency (ability to speak, write, listen and read English language) of candidates who are seeking international education, professional training or work in English speaking countries.
This section provides you all the information about IELTS tests i.e. how to apply for the test, format and structure of the test and how to prepare for the test. Click here

Newly Testing System – NTS

Newly Testing System, NTS, arrange two types of test called NAT and GAT. Students require to qualify NAT and GAT in order to get admission in to various colleges and university. NAT test is required for admission into Masters and GAT is required for admission into Mphil in university. Here in the section you will read about NTS test, (how to apply, test format and structure etc) as well as specimens of format and guidelines for making preparation for NTS.
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Tense – English Language

Tense is one of the most basics of English Language which one needs to form sentence according to time of action. The rules and regulations of each sentence tells you the proper use of general verbs and helping verbs according to the nature of time of work done, to be done or in process. For instance we did some work in past, such sentences may be attributed to past tense and such sentence are being applied upon by the rules of “Past tense”. Similarly if we have to do some work in future, the rules for formation of sentence for such work come under the umbrella of “Future Tense”. So tenses are divided into main three types i.e. Present, Past, and Future, each further divided into four types. To study and learn Tenses in details
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How to Improve Your Concentration

Every Work needs your full concentration but doing study is a work which really needs your concentration because your need to understand and grasp the idea behind every and each word you read. Many students find it hard to concentrate fully while they study. It is very necessary for them to learn how to concentrate properly on what they study. To learn how to improve your concentration, click here…

How to Improve Your Concentration

Student should have good memory to retain his lesson in their mind so that he can reproduce them in exam. Understanding things logically and retaining them in mind is an important for student. Many student complains about their memory power that they forget what they study very soon after closing the book. It is in fact they don’t know the skills of retaining things for longer time in mind as well as they don’t know how to improve their memory by practice. To learn how to improve your memory, click here…

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK – ACCA

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is body of UK, founded in 1904 in England. Its aim is to give students high ranking qualification in the field of accountancy. It provides tuition and exam facility in more than 160 countries giving them degrees on completion of its specified course. To know about its admission criteria, exam structure and fee structure, click here…


Every student after completing degrees aspires to get a good job. Students from different fields of education goes into different spheres of jobs depending on the nature of their education. Advertisement for jobs are daily published in Newspaper. Candidates need to keep themselves informed about new job vacancies so that they can get good jobs in time. This page of our website reveals about various jobs offered by various departments, organizations and companies. Click here…

Funny SMS & Jokes

Sending funny sms and sms about specific events i.e. birthday sms, is a common hobby among the students. This page of site provides you nice text messages and jokes which you can share with your friends by sending them by your cell phones. It contain funny sms, birthday sms, friendship sms, valentines day sms, joke and many more. Click here…

Contact Us

If you have any question or query regarding your studies or this site, you can contact us by using our “contact us form”. Moreover you can read the purpose of this site, term of site, site map and privacy policy of the site. Click here…






Writing an Essay
Guidelines and Skills

Essay Writing is nowadays part of almost every descriptive type paper. Essay Writing checks both your command on a language (in term of usage of words and grammatical usage) and your creativity (ideas you have about a topic and the way your present them). It means you should have full command on the basic of the language (in which the essay is supposed to be written i.e. English) as well as you should be in possession of good creativity power. This section guides you about essay writing especially for CSS exam. Click here…

Learn English – The Basics

English being an international language has great importance. English is the major part of our spoken as well as written medium. Nowadays, almost every book is written in Standard English. Similarly whatever the local or national language of a country or region is, almost all the official conversations take place in English language.
Apart from that English as a subject is requirement of almost every exam in many countries.  In order to qualify English paper in exam student needs to have full command on the basics of English Language. The very basics of English language include Grammar, Vocabulary, Parts of Speech, Tenses, Active and Passive Voice, Direct and Indirect Narrations etc. This section of website teaches you the most basics of English language. Click here…

Aga Khan Medical College – Entry Test

Aga Khan Medical College Karachi is one of the well known medical colleges of South Asia. Entry Test for admissions into Aga Khan Medical College is held every year. The entry test is mostly conducted in the month of April but the month of test can be changed as well. This section tells you information about the test, guides you about the test and also teaches you guidelines about making preparation for this test.
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Direct and Indirect

Direct and Indirect Narration is a part of Grammar of English Language. It tells us about how to convey someone’s message or saying directly and indirectly. For example a direct sentence “David said, I will help your brother” can be told indirectly as “David told that he would help your brother”. In this example the helping verb “will” changed in to “would”. Similarly many other changes are made for various tenses according to rules and regulation of Direct and Indirect Narration. To study and learn Direction and Indirect Narration,
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How to make Useful Notes

Making useful notes in descriptive form about study topic is one of the important parts of preparation for exam. You need to take take regular lectures for your subject and pen down the important points on a sheet while your teacher is delivering the lecture. When you come home and open the relevant book and study the topic taking help from the points taken from your class lecture helps you in making useful notes. Such notes plays a vital role in your preparation for your exam. To learn how to make useful notes, click here…

Preparation For Exam –
The Method

Many students may study the whole semester but they do not get high marks in exams because their efforts are misdirected. Student should know how to prepare for exam in proper way to achieve their goal. Preparation should in correct direction. Preparation for exam includes taking classes regularly, your own study, making notes, revising your course, having good books, avoiding selective as well as irrelevant study. It also includes how to manage your time. It tells your importance of perseverance for study. To read the methods and techniques about preparation for exam,
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Punjab University BA Past Papers

Before appearing in the BA exam of Punjab University, a student should know about the format of exam. The regular student may not have this difficulty as they regularly take classes and guidance about paper from their teacher but private candidates who prepare for exam from home may not have much know-about of the format of exam. To read the Past Papers of BA exam of Punjab University, click here…

Student Corner

This page is specially designed for those student who want to write something productive which can benefit other students. If you want to publish any such writing on this site, you can send us your essay written in standard English. We will review it and publish it with your name. You essay should not copied from any other source, it should be purely your own creation, click here…