Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are the questions frequently asked by our viewers using inquiry-form on the website. If any of the questions relates to you, click on it to read its answer.

  1. I just completed my HSSC which is equivalent to O-Level. I want to get admission in ACCA or CIMA. What are the differences in these both programs?

  2. I want to get high bands in IELTS test. I have a month to prepare for my IELTS test. Give me some guidelines for preparation for IELTS.

  3. I want to score high in my exam but my lack of interest in my studies affecting my marks in exam. How can I develop interest in my studies?

  4. I have a very serious problem of exam stress. During my exams, my exam-stress renders me unable to make proper preparation for my exam. How can I cope with my exam stress?

  5. I want to get apply for Bachelor Exams of Punjab University as a private candidate. Tell me about the application procedure for the same.

  6. What are the test-taking strategies to score high in exam?

  7. While I study, I feel scattered minded. I find it very difficult to concentrate on my study properly. How can I improve my concentration power for my studies?

  8. How can I improve my essay-writing skills? Guide me about essay-writing paper of CSS Exam.

  9. I am a student of O Level. I have many things to do in my routine. Being a student, how should I manage my time for my studies?

  10. Guide me about making useful study-notes for effective learning.

  11. I am new to CSS exam. How should I select the optional papers from the given list?

  12. I am a house-wife having two school-going kids. Being parents, how can we play our role in educating our children in a best way?

  13. What is the difference between a phrase and a clause?

  14. What is the difference between phrasal a verb and a prepositional verb?

  15. I qualified CSS written exam. I have been called to appear in Psychological test and Viva-voce assessment. How can I prepare myself for these assessments?

  16. I am new to computer-based exams. I have a computer-based exam after a week. Guide me about attempting a computer-based exam.

  17. Despite my hard work, I get less score in my exam. I wonder what can be the reasons for getting less marks.

  18. I am making preparation for CSS Exam. Give me some guidelines for making preparation for compulsory subjects of CSS Exam.

  19. I will appear in NTS GAT subject test as a prerequisite for my PhD admission. How should I prepare myself for GAT subject test?

  20. I am highly ambitious to get admission into a Medical College. Is there any practice test for making preparation for entrance test of Medical College?

  21. I scored very less in English paper of B.A exam of Punjab University. I want to improve my score by appearing again in the same paper. I need some guidance regarding preparation for this paper.

  22. I want to learn written and spoken English. I am a new learner. What are basics of English Language which I, as a starter, must learn to have good command on English Language?





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