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  Abbreviation SMS

Never Love Someone because LOVE stands for

L: Loss of Money
O: Out of Mind
V: Valley of Tensions
E: End of Life

So don't Love, just line maro

GIRL stands for

G: GOSSIP mai sab sai agay
I: INNOCENT sirf shakal say
R: RONAY ki machine
L: LARAYI mai sab ki maa

BOYS stands for

B: BADMASHIYON mai sab sai agay
O: OLLU ki tara raat mai jagay
Y: YARIYIAN nebhaye jaan laga ke
S: SHAREEF sirf maa baaf ke samnay


Oh don't be confused, SORRY means

S: Some
O: One is
R: Really
R: Remembering
Y: You

Why students hate MATHS?

Because MATHS means

M: Mental
A: Attack
T: To
H: Healthy
S: Students

Some Degrees and their meanings

Most Beautiful But Stupid

Basic Confidence of Mohabbat

Beautiful, Bold & Attractive

Life Lasting Boredom

Perfect Healthy Dream-girl

The real meaning of STUDY is

S: Sleeping
T: Talking
U: Unlimited SMS
D: Dreaming
Y: Yawing 

Agar koi larki apko "BHAI" kahay, don't mind it, because she means to say

B: Beautiful
H: Husband
A: Among
I: Ideals

Always care your FRIEND
Because "FRIEND" stands for

F: Full of Love
R: Root of Happiness
I: Island of Respect
E: End of sorrows
N: Name of hope
D: Door of understanding

So never lose you "Friends


Don't be confused I mean to say

S: Sari zindagi
T: Tum sai
U: Umar bhar ki dosti
P: Pana chahta hon,
I: Islie
D: Duawon mai yaad rakhna


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