Valentines Day Wishes - SMS

Valentine’s Day is Special Day of Love
The Red Roses Blossom
& Its Fragrance spread everywhere
Drops of water on Leaves Shine
Birds Start Singing Songs
With the Pleasance in Environment
Our Heart are Satisfied With the
Feelings that someone there loving Us Deeply
Jan Samnay Hotay Ho Tum
Na Janay Kion Hosh Kho Baith-thay Hain Hum
Melti Hai Jab Nazar Tum Se
Sab Kuch Bhool Jaty hain Hum
Hotay Ho Tum Itnay Qareeb
Phr Bhi Dil Ki Bat Kahnay Se Darty hain Hum
Happy Valentines Day     
Today on This Valentine’s Day
I am very Thankful To You
For All Your Love & Care
For All You Support & Company
Making me enjoy the happiness
And Dealing with hard times
I know I & you are never Alone
Because You are With me
I am with You
Have a Wonderful Valentine’s Day     
In the night
Lying on my Bed
Looking at the Ceiling
I realized that
If You were Not there
I would have lost the Joys of life
You have given me all the Pleasures
By adding Colours to my Life
With You Deep Love
“Happy Valentine’s Day”     
You are
Sweeter than Honey
Cute then red Roses
More Huggable than the soft toys
You are My Sweet Friend
Happy Valentines Day     
I wanted Someone
Who will be Mine
Who will be Sincere & True
Who will Love me a lot
Who care about me
Make me feel Happy
In short
Someone Exactly Like You
Have a Happy Valentine’s Day     
Meeting someone is by Chance
Making Someone Friend is by Luck
But Falling in love with Someone is
Never ever in one’s Control
I lost this control for You
& Started Loving You
Wish You
Happy Valentines Day     
Valentines Day is for the Love
& Love is the reason for Life
You that reason for my Life
Be there always with me
Happy Valentine’s Day     
I closed You Inside My Heart
& I dropped the key of this Lock into an Ocean
So That No one get the Key Back
& You remain in my Heart Forever
RED is the colour of the BLOOD
BLOOD Lives Inside the Heart
HEART is the Center of the Love
Love is the Cause of the Life
SO we are Like Life to Each other
You are my Love
& I am Your Love
Happy Valentines day