Love Wishes - SMS

Most Passionate 5 words
“I am alone with out You..”
Most Beautiful 4 words
“I care about You”
Most Lovely 3 words
“I love You..”
Most Special 2 words
“Missing You”
Most Important 1 word
The Rules of Love
Giving Time
Doing good without Expecting return
Therefore take care of these things if You want a Successful Love For Joyous Life.     
I will hold you whenever You cannot stand
I will Wipe out Your Tears when You happen to Cry
I will Support You when You are in Need
I will Love you until I breathe     
If I were a Tear in You Eye
I will have flowed down On Your Face
& come to your Lips
If You were Tear In my Eye
I would have never Weep
Due to the Fear that I may Lose You
And You would stay in my Eyes Forever     
You are Sweeter than the Honey
You are more Important than Money
You are more Pure than the Milk
You are more Soft than the Silk
You are more Beautiful than Flower
You are more Pleasant than Rain Shower
Come to Me & Be mine My dear
I will Hug you Without any Fear
All the Joys of Life with You I will Share
I forget all the sorrows When You are Near
I want To love you everywhere
I just want you be with me forever
I will always be for you there
I will always Love you my dear     
Thanks For Your Love & Emotions
Your good Feeling & Care
Your Wishes & Prays
And all your Support which made me
Happy and stronger enough to tackle
The tough times of Life.
You made my life beautiful and Pleasant
You Will always Stay in My Heart
Never ever forget me My dear Close Friend     
My Sweet Friend
Today I locked You in my Heart
& I throw the key of this lock into Ocean
So that No one may take you out of my heart
& you remain in my heart forever
Keep Smiling My Lovely Friend     
Last Night When I was Lying on my Bed
I Was Looking at the Ceiling & Thinking About You
I Just Realized that My dear Friend
If You were not there with me, I might has lots all Joys of my life Because
You added a lot of sweet colours to my Life.
Thank For being There with Me.     
A boy proposed a Girl for Marriage
But The Girl rejected his proposal
The Boy was still not sad
A Friend asked Him: why are you not sad after the rejection
Boy Replied: I should not be sad because I lost someone Who never loved me but She has lost the Person who always loved and cared for her     
A true Lover Expressing love in a Beautiful Way
Boy to a girl: I Want to Share 2 Beautiful Word With You
“” I Love You””
Girl: But… These are 3 words in total
. Boy: No… “I” and “You” are the same one word