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Page No. 2

  Student Funny SMS

Ques: Wo konsi ek baat hai Jo Students hazaro'n saal pahly bhi kahty tay, Aaj bhi kahty hain, owr Qayamat tak kahty rahengay?
Ans: Bus yarr kal se parhayi shuru karunga

A Sardar was celebrating the birthday of his son after 6 months
People asked: Sardar Ji log tu 1 saal baad birthday manaty hain, owr ap 6 maheny baad..?
Sardar: O jee, hamary han semester system hai

Agar Question paper tough lagy
Ya samaj mai aye tu
Ek gahri saans lo, owr zor se chilawo:
"Kameeno fail hi karna hai tu exam kion laity ho…"

Height of HOPE:
Sitting in Examination hall
Holding paper in hand
And saying to yourself
"Don't worry man, Exam will be postponed"

Teacher: Did u make this poem yourself??
Student: Yes Sir !
Teacher: Nice to meet you, William Shakespeare

Small boy: Dad can you write in dark??
Father: Yes I can do but what do you want me to write?
Small boy: You name on my "result card"

Son: Dad why did you put your thumb impression on my Result Card instead of Sign?
Father: I don't want to surprise your teacher to think that anyone with your marks can have father who can read and right

Father: Why have you got less marks in History Paper"
Son: It is not my fault, they asked questions which had happened before I was born.

Baap: Afsoos ke tum imtihan mai fail hogaye !!
Beta: Kia karta, sary sawal sood par tay, owr sood haram hai !

TALEEM soch samaj kar chora mairy doston
Khota 30.000 ka
Reedri 15,000 ke hogia hai


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