Students Jokes - Funny SMS

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Father: How was your paper?

Son: In paper, they asked questions which I could not know. So I wrote such answers which they will not know…….

Whenever you miss
The Sweet memories of Your College Days
Your Classes
Your College Friends
Just open and see your "MARK SHEET"
Sara Nashaa Utar Jayegaa
My nights are running sleepless
My heart beat increases
My days are going to be Useless
I am becoming a bit Speechless
Therefore I asked my own heart
"Is it love..??"
It replied…..
"Nahe Beta Exam Qareeb araha hai"
Ab Taleem soch samj kar chorna ae dost!

Kio ke

Khota 35000 ka

Reedri 20000 ki hogayi hay

1- Kabhi Top mat karo warna log tum se jalnay lagengay
2- Hamaisha Late class may jawo, is tarah har teacher tumhay yaad rakhega
3- Zyada Parhnay se Time zaaya hota hay, owr Time zaaya karna Gunah hay
4- Khabi Test naa do, kio ke bezati ke 5 marks say Ezzat ke 0 marks achay hain
A cute and nice Sentence Written by kid on a MATHEMATICS Book
"Dear Mathematics! Please grow up now & Solve your all problems yourself"
Son: Dad..!! Agar apko pata chalay ky may 1st Division pass huwa hoon tu aap ko kesa lagay gaa??

Dad: Mai Tu Khushi Say Pagal Hojawonga!!!

Son (humbly) : Bas esi dar say tu may FAIL hogiyaa.!!

Engineering student asks his teach in class: Sir, why learn Mathematics:
Teacher: Just for saving life of people…
Student: How Sir??

Teacher: Simple because it keep students like out of Medical College