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Page No. 6

  Student Funny SMS

Law of Conservation of Knowledge
"No matter how long the Lecture is, the knowledge before and after Lecture remains the Same

Ques: What is common in Air and Students?
Answer: Both turn the pages of book without reading

Sometimes It is better to bunk off a class and enjoy with friends
Because today when I look back,
My marks never makes me laugh But these memories do!

Question: What is the name of that only book which is liked by almost every student?

A very philosophical statement:
"When I fall in love with my books
My bed falls in love with me"

1 larki class me gana ga rahi thi
"ZARA ZARA TOUCH ME touch me.."
Ek larka utha owr larki ko cho kar bola
"Hemmat hai tu agay ga kar dikhawo"

In a test a student left the page blank
And wrote at the bottom of the page
Dedicated To My Memory
Which at the moment Passed away"

Father: Beta result ka kia howa?
Son: Dad 1 Good News hay owr 1 Bad News
Father: Good News batawo
Son: Mai pass hogia hon
Father: Excellent, ab Bad News batawo
Son: Good News galat hai.

Ques: 3 Idiots movie se kia Sabaq melta hai?
Ans: Engineering parh ke bhi
Medical ki bachi patayi ja sakti hai

Parhayi 2 tara se ho sakti hai
1- Shoq Se
2- Dar Se

Par shoq tu hamain hai nahi
Owr Dar hamain kesi ke baap se bhi nahi


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